TeamSupport lets you understand your customers and see where their pain points are so you can deliver support before they even ask for it.

  • "After years of struggling with a sub-par internal tool for tracking customer issues, we have been nothing but pleased since implementing the Team Support solution!  It has definitely surpassed my expectations and their customer support is aligned perfectly with our philosophy, which makes the customer experience beyond satisfactory!"

    Veronica L. Wooten, President & COO

  • "Incorporating Team Support as a customer service tool in our business has really maximized the overall efficiency of our team and working our clients."

    Chris H.
    Fusion Capital Management

  • "I've used lots of different ticketing tools and I can say hands down that TeamSupport is the best I've used. If you're looking for quick and easy setup, flexibility and overall ease of use for support reps TeamSupport is for you."

    Sean Wilson
    PrintFleet Inc

  • "TeamSupport is easy. We can create different tickets for different issues, providing customized views for the customer service representative. And if someone wants to add a field, we can do it ourselves in minutes."

    Kim Bishop

  • "TeamSupport is flexible. Our customer support needs may not match the needs of other companies. We were able to customize it to match the way we process a ticket as it goes through."

      Bob Stephens
    Integrated Clinical Systems

  • "As a rapidly growing software company, we needed a tool that would integrate into our internal applications and provide a collaborative view of customer issues. Because of TeamSupport, response times are faster and our customers receive significantly improved service."

     Susan Cushman

  • "TeamSupport helped us reduce duplication from using multiple systems. What once took 30 minutes has been reduced down to 5 minutes!"

    Sean Chambers
    Wren Solutions

  • "Delight your customers with excellent service using TeamSupport - it's customer support software done right!"

    Eric Pita

  • "TeamSupport has proved to be a must have tool for our support team, as it enabled us to better serve our customers and have great control over what is being done and how. Our customers also loved it for being able to follow their support cases online or via e-mail, whichever suits them more."

    Edson Lucas Carlotti
    Technology & Professional Services Director

  • "TeamSupport built a product that works the way we think – with the customer first. While we are still new to the product, we have seen an immediate, positive impact on our support center. The customer chat functionality is fantastic, and the ticket automation is a real time saver. I especially like the capability of our corporate customers being able to create, review and collaborate on tickets as the support team brings them to resolution. And the knowledge base will provide quick training opportunities that used to take many hours and resources in classroom settings."

    Scott Little
    Vice President of Customer Service
    Multi-Systems, Inc. (MSI)


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