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Top 3 customer support metrics you should be tracking

Tracking customer service metrics can help you know how you're doing and adjust support techniques as needed.
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Stop treating your B2B buyers like a B2C

Make your B2B customers happy by treating them right.
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How to maximize efficiency with customer support software

A good customer service software platform can help your team work together and be more efficient.
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5 reasons to use a B2B customer support software

A B2B customer support software solution will make your customer service team's job easier.
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Why self-service is still good customer service

Providing a way for customers to help themselves is a good way of providing customer support.
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3 ways B2B customer support software will save you money

A customer service solution that is specifically designed for B2B communication can save your team a lot of time and you a lot of money.
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5 tips for a smooth customer service software transition

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The right software solution can make business-to-business customer support much easier.
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7 signs you need a customer support system

We know it's hard running a small business, trust us - we've been there! One of the hardest parts is trying to decide when it's time to implement new systems and software, trying to find the balance between overworked employees and costly purchases.

Customer support software is at the top of the list for systems to implement early on (right up there with accounting and payroll) because it is directly related to how your customers perceive you. It's also one of the best ways to improve efficiency and get more productivity without adding employees - at least until you grow even more. The good news is, with today's cloud-based (SaaS) software options, it's not that costly at all! With the right software you'll easily see a quick return on investment, and both your customers and employees will thank you.

So with this in mind, we've put together 7 of the top signs you need a customer support system

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What's Your Sign? 6 Customer Support Lines That Stink

As a regular human being who uses products and services just like anyone, I have had my fair share of both good and bad customer service experiences, and a few recent ones inspired me to share a list of 6 "canned responses" or "lines" that are often used and shouldn't be. If you're one of the good guys (and I know you are, otherwise you wouldn't be reading this blog) it might help improve your customer support even more - or at the very least, give you a little chuckle.

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Lessons Learned from (almost) Getting Hacked

I knew it was going to be a long day when I received three emails, to three different addresses of mine, which looked suspiciously like a phishing attack. Unfortunately, these emails all came from one of my employee’s email account.

“Uh oh” was my first response.

It got worse when, just a few moments later, we started receiving tickets from customers into our support queue telling us that they had received the same email.

Our immediate thought was that somehow TeamSupport had been hacked and our customer list had been compromised. Worse, was it possible that customer data had been hacked? For the CEO of a cloud-based application company, this is about the worst-case scenario — we spend a lot of time and effort on data security, and our customers trust us to keep their information private and secure: Any breach of that trust is a major issue.

Just in case anyone is panicking (like I was that morning!), let me jump to the end of the story quickly:

TeamSupport was not compromised at all, and no customer data was breached.

Now that we’ve cleared that up, back to the story...
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