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What's Your Sign? 6 Customer Support Lines That Stink

As a regular human being who uses products and services just like anyone, I have had my fair share of both good and bad customer service experiences, and a few recent ones inspired me to share a list of 6 "canned responses" or "lines" that are often used and shouldn't be. If you're one of the good guys (and I know you are, otherwise you wouldn't be reading this blog) it might help improve your customer support even more - or at the very least, give you a little chuckle.

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Lessons Learned from (almost) Getting Hacked

I knew it was going to be a long day when I received three emails, to three different addresses of mine, which looked suspiciously like a phishing attack. Unfortunately, these emails all came from one of my employee’s email account.

“Uh oh” was my first response.

It got worse when, just a few moments later, we started receiving tickets from customers into our support queue telling us that they had received the same email.

Our immediate thought was that somehow TeamSupport had been hacked and our customer list had been compromised. Worse, was it possible that customer data had been hacked? For the CEO of a cloud-based application company, this is about the worst-case scenario — we spend a lot of time and effort on data security, and our customers trust us to keep their information private and secure: Any breach of that trust is a major issue.

Just in case anyone is panicking (like I was that morning!), let me jump to the end of the story quickly:

TeamSupport was not compromised at all, and no customer data was breached.

Now that we’ve cleared that up, back to the story...
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Stop Wasting Time Looking for Information

We talk a lot about getting out of the inbox, and using customer support software to reduce customer service costs and improve the customer experience. It's easy to say, and most people would readily agree, yet how many actually take proactive steps to do just that? 

Sometimes it takes real, hard numbers to have that "aha" moment that kicks us into overdrive, and motivates us to take action. 

Here's a recent tidbit from GetData (the research arm of software reviews site GetApp), over 65% of small and mid-sized businesses (SMBs) are wasting time looking for files and information each week.

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How to Choose Helpdesk Software

With so many options available for customer support software today, it's hard to decide which one to use. Although the growing availability of SaaS or web-based software has made the purchase decision a little less risky, you still don't want to end up with a helpdesk solution that you'll need to change in a few months. The time involved with setting up a new system, training your users, and migrating data is not without cost, so you want to choose a software that will meet your needs - both now and in the future.

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Software providers! Give us best practice feedback”, say over 90% of SMBs

As a B2B software provider, we are constantly trying to better understand our customers and meet their needs and wants. This is true of marketing initiatives, but more importantly new customer success - encompassing onboarding, training, and ongoing support.

The ongoing battle of how, when, and where to provide training - do we just sign them up and let them fend for themselves, waiting for them to contact support when and if they need help? Do we offer personalized one-on-one training, or self-service options like guided tutorials? Do we establish a customer success team, with dedicated account managers to guide them through using our system?

There is no one size fits all answer, each business is unique and depends on the complexity of the software, the aptitude of the users, and much more. But in a recent survey by GetData (the research arm of software reviews site GetApp), small and mid-sized businesses (SMBs) made it clear that what they really want is best practice feedback.

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Why Customer Experience is even more important in B2B

In today's business environment, we all know customer experience is important, and we've all heard about social media's impact as the new "word of mouth". Stats often point to each person telling at least 7 (sometimes as high as 20) other people about their experience with a brand. That's scary enough, but now consider that if your customers are other businesses, they inherently have multiple people working there and using your system. So not only can each individual user (or contact) spread the word via social media, they are going to talk to each other.


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SMBs are well-schooled when it comes to finding new business software

We asked over 500 SMBs (Small and Medium-sized Businesses) which resources they use when searching for new business software for their organization. While the majority, perhaps unsurprisingly, use search engines such as Google, Yahoo, etc., to start their research process, over 50 percent turn to their peers, and just under half claim to use software review sites, such as GetApp.

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5 Tips to Improve the Customer Experience and Increase B2B Efficiency

Customer Experience is arguably one of the hottest buzz words of the year, with benefits like better customer retention, lower operating costs, increased sales, and faster growth. Of course creating (and keeping) happy customers is a goal of any B2B support organization, but it can be a bit daunting.

Rest assured, despite the hype, the fancy words, and the complicated definitions found across the world wide web, the truth is it can be one of the easiest metrics to impact without breaking the bank. Software Advice recently published an article with 5 essential tools for improving the customer experience and we wanted to share it with you.

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SMBs Need Better Customer Visibility

We recently commissioned a study through GetData* to better understand the customer service challenges faced by small and mid-sized businesses. (SMBs). Not surprisingly, a lack of resources, such as customer service reps or budget, is the biggest challenge reported. What we found really interesting though is that the second most common challenge is not having enough visibility at a customer level.

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Definition of Support Ticket Severity

The definition of ticket severity comes in many flavors depending on opinion. I've seen support sites that have so many to choose from it's overwhelming.  Or others that are so vague no one really knows what they mean. This is not only confusing to the customer, but also confusing to the support team.

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