Put simply, TeamSupport’s web-based collaborative customer service software suite lets your company work together better than ever.

Products2014-2With TeamSupport, your team will provide your customers with the best customer service experience possible.

Your customers are your most valuable asset, and making sure you address their concerns and feedback is critical to growing your company.

TeamSupport isn’t just a ticketing system. It’s a complete customer support suite that also facilitates communication and collaboration between your internal team members, other constituents within your company, and your clients.

Some of TeamSupport’s most popular features for enhancing collaboration and communication include:

screenrecording2Screen Recordings allow your customers to show you exactly what the problem is

watercooler customer care softwareInternal social network for facilitating real time internal collaboration

Customers2014-3Complete customer database allows you to understand all of your customer interactions and not simply be reactive to individual support tickets.

rules2Create rules to automatically route and manage tickets so that nothing slips though the cracks.