The ONLY all-in-one, B2B focused, customer service platform

Be different from all the rest by using software that brings customers to the center of your business

Customer Support

Step away from mere incident management and into a B2B support platform that enables proactive action.

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Customer Success

Gain a broad perspective into your customers’ happiness to further opportunities for growth and expansion.

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Messaging & Live Chat

Meet your customers where they are by engaging in deeper conversations across channels.

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Data & Analytics

Transform your customer interaction data into opportunities to optimize your processes and operations.

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Keep your customers at the center of everything you do with our powerful suite of products.

Customer Support

Our industry-leading customer support software empowers SaaS companies to reduce churn and increase NPS scores by promptly resolving tickets and easily collaborating with multiple departments to provide a level of support that creates customers for life.  

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Customer Success

Our one-of-a-kind customer success tool allows your customer relationships to grow along with your revenue. Easily monitor, automate and streamline your customer lifecycle. Create more upsell opportunities, and reduce the risk of churn with proactive alerts.

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Data & Analytics

Go beyond the surface of reviews and NPS scores into a deep dive of data to help you truly know your customer. Our dynamic analytics solution provides an at-a-glance view of your customer’s health, your agent productivity and your company resolution time.

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The live chat tool that uses the power of conversation to nurture relationships, engage customers, and deliver world-class customer experiences. Easily deliver personalized chat experiences, automate critical interactions and maximize customer lifetime value.

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Why TeamSupport?

Our products are built differently. With customers at the foundation of everything we do, we created a platform that makes it easier for businesses to adopt customer-centric practices. Say goodbye to siloed systems, fragmented customer data, and reactive customer service.

Built for B2B
We hear you. As a B2B organization, you’re under a unique set of challenges - our suite of products are specifically scaled to handle lower volume, higher complexity issues while emphasizing collaboration with customer stakeholders.
Customer-Centric DNA
It all starts with the customer. We’re committed to empowering you to have stronger, more powerful relationships with your customers. Our tools emphasize the true value of customer-centricity through painless software.
Complete Post-Sale Solution
The customer experience goes far beyond the sale. We provide you with the tools you need to effectively manage and engage with your customers throughout their entire experience - in order to grow with them.
Collaboration and Teamwork
Harness the full power of your team to tackle complex issues. B2B customer support requires strong teamwork from multiple departments to make sure your customers are happy. Your team members can have conversations about specific tickets, contacts, or products – all from within TeamSupport’s web-based help desk.



Light Years Ahead of the Competition

TeamSupport does more than effective ticket management; it provides an omnichannel experience that facilitates internal team collaboration and streamlines customer support issues, allowing teams to consistently deliver exceptional service.

  • Purpose-Built for B2B
  • Ticket Management
  • Customer Management
  • Integrations with Software You Already Use
  • Customer Self Service Portal
  • ... and So Much More!
A methodology to truly know, support, and grow with your customers

The Customer Pipeline

Explore our newest eBook to discover how to bring your customers to the forefront of your business. Empower your support and success teams by introducing them to the Customer Pipeline - a practice that provides a comprehensive, visual understanding of your customers’ experience.

TeamSupport Customer Pipeline eBook