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Proactive customer management software with help desk and ticketing

Customer management software that actually focuses on the customer

TeamSupport has fundamentally changed our client facing operation. We are able to track and maintain open issues/tasks and provide tremendous client support.

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Experience the top-rated customer support software

TeamSupport's help desk software enables you to easily keep track of your customer interactions - all in one place. Our analytical tools provide deep insights into customer health and sentiment, empowering you to be more proactive. 



b2b customer management software

Complete customer support ticket software

b2b customer management software

Build a 360-degree view of your customer, and their account. 

From a single tool you can track every ticket, request, or issue, trend that data to identify customer priorities, and seamlessly collaborate with the right teams to best support your customer. 

customer management software

Measure customer health with TeamSupport's proactive support software

customer management software

The Customer Distress Index aggregates your customer satisfaction and health to help you understand how much 'distress' your customers are feeling. This helps you better segment customers into opportunities and risks, collaborate with the right teams, and prioritize next steps. 


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Experience cutting-edge customer management technology


With powerful AI technology, experience real-time sentiment analysis within tickets to instantly gauge response times. This automated technology enables your team to prioritize ticket workflow and create proactive customer opportunities.


Build customer families for faster care


Relate a number of customers together in a parent/child hierarchy to quickly navigate and regulate each relationship.

If your customers have multiple locations or divisions, you can look at the parent company and access all of the tickets from the various companies connected to it quickly and easily.

This also applies to the customer portal, so when a customer who is associated with a parent company logs in, they can see all of the information for the various subsidiaries as well.


Reduce customer churn with data-driven insights


Powered by sophisticated AI technology, TeamSupport offers real-time sentiment analysis within tickets so you can instantly gauge the tone of a customer response. This automated technology helps your team prioritize their ticket workflow and also creates proactive customer support opportunities. 



SLA Business Hours

Service contracts/SLAs

SLA Business Hours

If you have different agreements with different customers, TeamSupport allows you to define service agreements, track support hours, and even block portal access if a service is expired.

SLAs can be assigned at the customer, customer product, or product level. You can clone SLAs, pause SLAs, or attach service agreements to products so customer downloads on the portal are limited to the products with current service agreements. You can even set different business hours according to your needs.

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