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The Strategic Role of Business-to-Business Customer Support

Strategic B2B Service XRG Whitepaper cover copy

Businesses buy your products to help their operations run efficiently and to meet their customers’ expectations. Whether a for-profit business, a government agency, a non-profit organization, or an educational institution, all business entities expect to attain target levels of operational performance.

Robust product features are important, but it is the added benefits of business-to-business customer support that can accelerate product use and drive optimal performance to help customers reach their full potential.

This whitepaper, produced by ServiceXRG, explores how B2B customer support organizations can:

  • Establish business-to-business customer support to sustain and retain customer relationships by helping customers successfully use your products.
  • Position the investment in Support as a strategic value aligned to current business practices and target outcomes.
  • Align support processes and programs with customer needs and expectations.
  • Leverage technology to streamline and automate support processes to maximize efficiency.
  • Measure and improve support operations to sustain and expand customer relationships.



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