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At TeamSupport, we like to keep connection at the center of everything we do: regular meet-ups to catch a nice break away from our remote lifestyles, constant conversations with one another on Slack (even if it’s just about the latest Marvel movie), and most importantly, engaging with our customers. We believe the business world needs to be a more customer-centric place. So, we created a customer service platform that brings this ideal into fruition and empowers other businesses to do the same.

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Our Platform

Our Customer Service platform, consisting of Support (ticket management), Messaging & Live Chat (live chat software), Insights (customer service reporting), and Success (customer success management), makes it easy to bring customers to be customer-first. Operating in the B2B space, we specialize in providing you with 360-degree views of your customers so you fully know who they are, can proactively support them, and grow WITH them.

Our Values

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One team, one purpose

We’ve heard it before, there’s no “i” in team. We take pride in our we>me attitude, value each other’s voice, and ardently move towards one purpose: to make every business customer-centric.  

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Play to win

There are no small, simple decisions made here. We set lofty goals, really push for powerful impacts, and hold ourselves to the highest standards.

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Culture of progress

We’re always moving forward, which means we’re always growing and learning from our customers. We have a shared sense of urgency to accomplish our customers’ goals and strive to meet them in progressive ways.

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Our Culture

We’re a passionate group of people from all over the world, who share a belief that customers are the lifeblood of every business. Regardless of department or role, we work together to make the B2B space a more customer-centric place. But, we’re also pretty fun. We regularly hang out (even in different countries), play virtual games together, and support each other's goals in and outside of the workplace. We’re always looking for more people - so if this resonates with you, take a peek at our open positions.

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Explore Our Timeline


TeamSupport is born!

It wasn’t long ago that we were in your shoes - looking for a support and ticket management application that nurtured collaboration, provided digestible insight into our customers, and was easy-to-use. 

We were met with fragmented systems, frustrated agents who had to jump through hoops to access the customer data they needed, and unhappy customers who were forced to repeat themselves in between long wait times. 

So, we decided to do something about it. Our founders, two colleagues of another software company, got together and discovered that they could create a software platform that broke down communication barriers, decreased issue resolve times, and brought customers to the center of the business - and thus, TeamSupport, the help desk software was born!


Strengthening the platform 

What can be more liberating than having all of your customer account information in one place? Not much! Eager to continue to nurture collaboration, TeamSupport partnered with Salesforce, the leading CRM provider, to streamline customer info workflows. 

Furthering their desire to relieve unnecessary agent stress, TeamSupport’s integration with Salesforce empowered teams to easily access the customer data they need - in a single place. So long were the days of bending over backwards to gain context on your customers.



More internal collaboration

Oftentimes, support teams use one ticket management system while engineers or related people use another one. This leads to a lack of communication between the teams and equates to longer issue resolve times. 

So, TeamSupport launched another powerful integration with Jira to ensure tickets are resolved in a timely manner - regardless of which department the ticket belongs to. This partnership not only led to faster resolution times, but also strengthened the collaborative nature of TeamSupport’s software.


A groundbreaking, proprietary health measurement

Understanding customers and how they’re doing in relation to your product or service is challenging. How do you know how happy they are with you? How do you measure it? Sure, there are NPS and CSAT scores, which are beneficial, but showcase customer sentiment at a single moment in time. How do you know how they’re doing overall?

TeamSupport developed a proprietary measurement, the Customer Distress Index (CDI)™, which allowed service teams to predict customer dissatisfaction before it escalates. Even more powerful, the score reflects customer bases as a whole, rather than a single individual - providing greater understanding into the unique customers in the B2B space.


Unity across corporations

It was typically difficult for enterprise-level businesses to have consistent customer experiences across their brands or divisions due to communication barriers. TeamSupport decided to put an end to this common occurrence by introducing Product Lines - a feature that empowered businesses to unify their customer experience across the board. 

Product Lines allows enterprises to brand their customer support efforts so that regardless of which division is engaging with them, they will go through consistent and universal experiences. The feature enhanced TeamSupport’s collaborative nature by providing other businesses with the tools needed to work together in more affiliated ways.


Linked customer relationship and ScreenView

Quickly after their release of Product Lines, TeamSupport saw another gap to fill when it came to unified customer experiences across brands - ensuring related customers are cared for in the same way no matter where they are located or which division they engage with. 

Customer Families™ solved this by making it easier for businesses to manage entire customer relationships - rather than focus on resolving tickets. The feature links together customer parent-child relationships for more effective and seamless care efforts. 

Also in 2016, TeamSupport released another sophisticated and problem-solving feature: ScreenView™ not only allowed support and engineering teams to resolve customer issues faster, but also empowered self-service. If a picture is worth 1,000 words, then video is worth 1,000,000. The feature enabled customers to share screen recordings which prompted increased resolve times and created rich, in-depth content for Knowledge Base use.


Streamlined internal communications

TeamSupport gets their best ideas from their customers and after hearing that an integration with ServiceNow’s IT support management tool would greatly improve internal communications - they were sold. The partnership allows agents to closely track incidents across platforms with a single click. 

Instead of having disparate systems, the ServiceNow integration ensured tickets, incidents, and requests are synced in real-time so that internal communication is enhanced, agents are more ‘aligned, and improved customer experiences.


Sentiment analysis and growth 

In a truly groundbreaking fashion, TeamSupport released a new feature that identifies how a customer is feeling based on their email or chat response. Categories, which include emotions such as “satisfied” or “frustrated,” help agents to better navigate every customer interaction they have. 

The feature, powered by IBM Watson AI technology, leveraged language processing to understand customers on a deeper level. The insight, which is a driving force behind customer care strategies, brings a sense of humanness back into the support industry. 

Also in 2018, TeamSupport experienced significant growth due to a large investment from Level Equity, who empowered the expansion of the software. Sharing similar values, the partnership enabled TeamSupport to become a leading provider of support software.


New product - TeamInsights

TeamSupport expanded their product suite by offering TeamInsights (now Insights) which is an in-depth evolution of reporting and analytics capabilities. The tool, which uses AI to provide businesses with actionable data, makes it easier for businesses to understand which actions to take in their customer relationships. 

With the ability for each agent to create custom dashboards, Insights empowers teams to take measures that are most beneficial to the customer - ensuring their strategies are just as dynamic as their relationships.


New product - TeamSuccess

Continuing their dedication to bridging gaps in the support industry, TeamSupport released another new product shortly after the release of Insights, that ensures support and success teams work hand-in-hand on customer accounts. TeamSuccess (now Success) uses proactive features to improve customer relationships and increase revenue for businesses. 

The platform serves to create meaningful impacts for multiple parties by helping customers successfully use products and services, providing agents with valuable insights on customer experiences, and decreasing churn while increasing revenue for businesses.


TeamSupport acquires SnapEngage

Eager to provide businesses with the tools needed to satisfy customer needs, TeamSupport yet again increased their product offering by acquiring the leading enterprise chat software, SnapEngage. The combined company is a big step in offering businesses a full suite of products that cater to all of their needs.

Serving as the foundation for driving rich, meaningful engagement with customers, the chat product, Messaging & Live Chat, is a powerful tool for increasing customer happiness, unifying the entire customer experience, and relieving agent involvement.


The Customer Service Platform

After increasing their product offerings and expanding their employee count by number and location, TeamSupport has released the Customer Service Platform - the only B2B-focused software system that makes it easy for businesses to focus on and understand their customer relationships. 

The Platform, which includes Support, Insights, Success, and Messaging & Live Chat is designed to be equally customer-centric while empowering businesses to realize the full, financial potential of their customer relationships. The one-stop shop software system provides companies the tools needed to truly know and understand who their customers are, learn to proactively support them, and ultimately, grow WITH them.


Our Impacts

Paul Page


Now we just have happy and relaxed customers."

Aaron Greathouse


We get a 360-degree view of the customer." 

Senior Project Manager

Transportation Tech

TeamSupport goes above and beyond to get customers what they need out of the system."

Jenna Vallejo

Potomac Pediatrics

The chat software is an easy way to answer our patients' specific questions in a format they love, and allows our staff to handle more volume much more easily"

Angela Keeton

Harris Govern

We discovered early on that TeamSupport was so customizable, we could make it do anything we wanted! We found new ways to automate and were able to stop using our old disjointed systems entirely.

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