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But more than that, we’re passionate

TeamSupport is a comprehensive customer support software solution that manages the entire post-sale customer experience and ensures organizations build strong customer relationships. Our platform includes a ticketing system, live chat software, advanced customer analytics, and customer success software. We help companies adopt more customer-first mentalities through seamless collaboration and streamlined workflows, which results in revenue growth, a lower churn rate, and higher customer satisfaction. 

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Our Passion

Here at TeamSupport, we like to keep relationship building at the center of everything we do. Our tight-knit team, though stretched across different time-zones, regularly connects to support each other's endeavors. This mirrors our relationship with our customers: we are available when you need us, frequently check-in, and always eager to help you reach your goals in any way we can. 

Our Values

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One team, one purpose

We’ve heard it before, there’s no “i” in team. We take pride in a we over me attitude, value each other’s voice, and ardently move towards one purpose: to make every business customer-centric.  

customer support team

Play to win

There are no small, simple decisions made here. We set lofty goals, really push for powerful impacts, and hold ourselves to the highest standards.

Customer support team

Culture of progress

We’re always moving forward, which means we grow and learn from our customers. We share a sense of urgency to accomplish our customers’ goals and strive to meet them in progressive ways.

Customer support team

Our Culture

We’re a passionate group of people from all over the world, who share a belief that customers are the lifeblood of every business. We’re also pretty fun. We regularly hang out (even in different countries), play virtual games together, and support each other's goals in and outside of the workplace. We’re always looking for more people - so if this resonates with you, take a peek at our open positions.

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Our Impacts

Paul Page


Now we just have happy and relaxed customers."

Aaron Greathouse


We get a 360-degree view of the customer." 

Senior Project Manager

Transportation Tech

TeamSupport goes above and beyond to get customers what they need out of the system."

Jenna Vallejo

Potomac Pediatrics

The chat software is an easy way to answer our patients' specific questions in a format they love, and allows our staff to handle more volume much more easily"

Angela Keeton

Harris Govern

We discovered early on that TeamSupport was so customizable, we could make it do anything we wanted! We found new ways to automate and were able to stop using our old disjointed systems entirely.

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