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Is your support team answering queries from all channels?

Businesses are used to answering customer support questions directly over the phone. Yet, as the products and services offered by business-to-business (B2B) organizations turn increasingly digital, their customers start treating support in a similar manner. An increasing number of customers turn to online methods like email, chat and social media to contact businesses with issues related to their products. It's up to B2B companies to make sure they observe all channels and customers in a timely and efficient manner.

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5 ways customer support software can prepare you for anything

Customer support software is one of the best tools agents have to solve the issues customers have with their products or services. The solution ensures support teams work together, combining knowledge and customer information to provide a five-star support experience. Many people view customer support as a problem solver, but the right software allows businesses and agents to take a proactive approach. Here are five ways customer support software can prepare you for anything:

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How to handle an increase in customer support tickets

Occasionally, customer support teams experience a sudden upsurge in incoming tickets. Whether they are anticipated or happen unexpectedly, a large number of incoming tickets means more work for agents. A poorly functioning team with subpar software will quickly become swamped with the workload. On the other hand, agents with the right tools and structure will easily address these tickets in a timely, supportive manner and help customers find solutions on their own. Here are some tips for handling an increase in customer support tickets:

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[Infographic] The ROI of Customer Support

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5 things your competitors can teach you about customer support

Do you know what your customers truly look for in terms of customer support? What draws them away from a competitor and to your business? Post-service surveys and direct communications will only detail so much, so businesses should head online to see what people are saying about the competition. This leads to deeper answers and points to what customers expect from their support, identifying what your agents should focus on. Here are five things your competitors can teach you about customer support:

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