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Managing your support tickets

The success of business-to-business (B2B) customer support relies primarily on how efficiently agents handle incoming tickets. Your organization could have the best, brightest, and most courteous support employees, but the job's not getting done if they can't address incoming queries. 

Agents could fall behind on tickets for any number of reasons. Increasing workloads make it harder for reps to manage their daily tasks. Your agents could be using a ticketing system that simply collects customer issues but doesn't organize them, or perhaps customer correspondence gets lost among a slew of incoming emails. If any of these sound familiar or if your agents aren't responding to customers in a timely, organized fashion, it's time to switch to a B2B customer support software solution with features designed to manage tickets.

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Break These 2 Bad Support Habits

How many businesses have stopped to consider whether their support styles are actually as customer-centric as they intend? While support teams always have the best customer-first intentions in mind, companies can develop some bad habits that end up complicating the customer experience in unnecessary ways. If your business still engages in either tiered support or scripted phone support, it's time to make some changes to remain competitive. Here's why:

Tiered support
Arranging your agents in tiers according to their skill level makes sense in theory - you want to match customers who have complex issues with knowledgeable agents while leaving new hires to solve simple queries. However, tiered support systems often end up shuffling customers from one rep to another.

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4 reasons why your business needs an online portal

These days, many people prefer self-service support options over contacting customer support through phone or email. Data cited by Capterra revealed 75 percent of customers want to solve product or service issues on their own without having to rely on an agent. The best way to help customers find these self-service support options is through an online customer portal - a one-stop shop for online support. Online customer portals provide a space for customers to create and manage their tickets, review documents and policies, find knowledge base articles and watch instructional videos. Here are four reasons why your businesses should have an online customer portal:

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The Golden Rule For Interviewing And Hiring Support Teams

In the past year or so, several people I know have been looking for employment, and almost every one of them has at least one job search horror story to relate. Most of these accounts involve a disturbing trend among those who have positions to fill and there seems to be an arrogant lack of consideration for those they interview.

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Providing a consistent customer support experience

Consistency is a large component of customer satisfaction, especially with regard to customer support for business to business (B2B) organizations. These companies tend to have more interaction with their customers than those in the business-to-consumer (B2C) sectors simply due to the nature of the relationship, and customers expect to receive a similar experience throughout every interaction. This doesn't mean you should hire agents that all talk, walk, and act like each other, but they do need guidelines that detail how to interact with customers across channels, including phone, email, web-based chat, and other methods your business uses. In addition, every agent needs access to the same customer information so they can approach customer conversations and support tickets in a consistent manner.

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