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Help desk software should fit your business

Before partnering with any type of software provider to facilitate their business, wise decision-makers take the time to ensure the product fits well with their mission, purpose and offering. Businesses must be certain their support platforms are fully integrated into their software or services, because doing so is a means to providing cohesive and positive customer service. Additionally, leveraging customer support software that adequately fits your business needs is extremely important for achieving operational efficiency.

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Building Customer Retention through Empathy

Your Customers Want To Build A Connection, Don’t Leave Them Out In The Cold

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[Infographic] B2B vs B2C Customer Support

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Information security for SaaS companies

Businesses that offer Software as a Service (SaaS) to their clients have to deliver exceptional business-to-business (B2B) customer support and experience in one very important area: security. In fact, recent data found that among B2B decision makers 49 percent of companies are concerned about the security of their information when it is stored, managed and accessed from the cloud. Likewise, it should go without saying that  it is crucial SaaS companies integrate information security as a key component of their customer experience strategies.

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Empowering help desk agents with the right software

One of the most important avenues toward long-term client loyalty is high-quality customer support. In fact, data from Business 2 Community revealed that 80 percent of customer loyalty is driven by three key customer support attributes: reliability, responsiveness and simplicity. Of course, help desk agents can't deliver on customer expectations if they are not empowered with the right tools. Thankfully, collaborative customer support software is available to businesses of all sizes that enable support agents to provide an exceptional experience to clients.

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