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Bug Tracking: How Customer Support Softwear Helps

If you’re a software company, you know tracking bugs can sure be a pain. After testing a new software feature to death, you finally decide to roll it out to every user but unfortunately the new feature has spawned bugs all over your software. Tickets are flying in left and right as your support team scrambles to understand the bugs and their impact on your business. But what if there was an easier way? Let’s look at the specifics of bug tracking and how customer support software can help.

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TeamSupport Receives Top 5 Ranking In Best Customer Service Blogs On The Planet

We are excited to announce that we've been named the #4 Customer Service Blog on the Internet by Feedspot! Their rankings include search engine (i.e. Google) reputation and placement, social media influence, and quality and consistency of posts.

Some of our most popular blog posts that helped us get this ranking include...

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Help Desk Self-Service: Assessing, Maximizing and Experimenting

In business, we almost always seem to be chasing the next big thing. Maybe it’s because new is often equated with being better or superior, but sometimes it’s essential to look at what you have and how you can improve upon it. Just like with your health, a “check up” is necessary from time to time in the help desk industry to make sure everything is working as it should. This is especially true with a solution like help desk self-service, which according to Gartner is among the top 3 priorities businesses are working on to improve their customer’s help desk experience.

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5 Reasons Why Live Chat is No Longer Optional in Customer Service

As the years go by, more of our conversations with people aren’t really traditional conversations at all. Calling an old friend to catch up isn’t exactly all that common compared to 20 years ago, with communication though message services and applications leading the way in how people stay in touch with each other. With this shift in communication, customers are also changing how they interact with customer service, including a groundswell of demand for live chat solutions.

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What You Need to Know Before Switching Customer Support Software Solutions

The allure of switching software solutions is always so attractive. You have salespeople barraging your email, sometimes offering you gifts for a moment of your time and promising you the moon, all while treating you like you’re the most important company in the world. But, as we all know, switching software isn’t a sure thing. It’s important to evaluate all factors to understand the “risk vs. reward” component of these critical decisions. Making the right switch could result in a promotion and be a career defining moment, but the wrong switch (or not switching at all) may lead to to a demotion, department transfer, or even worse.

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