Managing Customers | | Published July 10, 2018

11 Types of Difficult Customers & How to Deal with Them Infographic

Customer relations are very important to all businesses. Building positive relationship with your customers can do wonders, because customers want to have a positive relationship with you, and if you're lucky they will actively work to maintain it Of course, businesses also put in considerable time and effort into making a relationship rewarding and enriching for both parties. Problems can still arise, but customers are more likely to be patient with businesses that they like and trust. Every interaction a business has with a customer shapes the attitude the customer has towards that business, even if it seems like an inconsequential instance. Businesses can control many aspects of their relationships with customers, but the one thing they cannot control is the customers themselves.

A business simply can't afford to drive customers away, especially when bad customer experiences can spread across the globe in a matter of minutes. To help ensure that interactions with all types of customers can be positive and enriching, Fundera has created this infographic that describes 11 different types of difficult customers and how to deal with them. It goes into detail on each type and provides tips on how to deal with difficult customers. Dealing with difficult customers doesn't have to be difficult, especially once you know how to do it well!

11 Types of Difficult Customers and How to Handle Them