Business Practices | | Published December 14, 2015

5 Metrics to Understand When Assessing Customer Service Success

In providing customer support, the holy grail is of course customer satisfaction. Are your customers happy, did they have a good customer support experience, and will they continue to do business with you? While this is essential to measure your company's success, it is not the only metric that can provide insight into how your customer support team is doing.

Here are 5 other important customer service success metrics that you should continuously seek to understand:

  1. Accessibility: How easy is it for clients to get in touch with a customer service representative? Are there multiple channels through which to do so?

  2. Responsiveness: When customers get in touch with the support team, do representatives respond quickly and with concern? How long to clients need to wait to receive an answer to their problems?

  3. Knowledge: Are customer service representatives fully informed and prepared to answer even the most complex questions?

  4. Professionalism: Do support team members take their jobs seriously and treat customers with respect?

  5. Resolution: How quickly, and how often, are support teams able to find a full resolution to client issues?


Remember, customer satisfaction is made up of many components, and your customer support team is a key contributor. Make sure they have the right tools to manage customer relationships, and that you are tracking the right information on a regular basis to better understand your customers. 

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