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5 Ways AI Is Changing B2B Marketing and Customer Support

Most B2B customers value the kind of customer support and service you can provide because they expect to be treated seriously.

Artificial Intelligence has had a massive influence on everything related to business. It’s not just the tech industry that has felt its impact, but also pretty much any other industry thanks to the versatility that is so characteristic of AI.

Likewise, the B2B sector has also been affected by the spread of AI and its common usage by business owners and marketers alike. To better understand how exactly this tech influences your business, it’s worth looking at these five ways AI is changing B2B marketing.

1. Personalize Your Marketing

First and foremost, AI lets you personalize your B2B marketing. Even if you are personalizing it already, Artificial Intelligence will let you do this even more which means you will achieve an outstanding level of customization this way. Personalization has not only become a common element of business and marketing, but rather a necessary element that many customers expect to see from companies of different types and sizes.

AI helps businesses better analyze their target audience which, in turn, allows you to better plan your B2B marketing campaigns, whether offline or online. With the help of AI-supported segmentation, you can divide your target audience into segments or groups which lets you customize and personalize marketing content for them. And with the help of personalization and customization, you ensure that all of your marketing yields the best results for every segment of your target audience.

Beyond that, once you determine your target audience, or Ideal Customer Profile, you are also better able to work with your product teams to build features and enhancements that fit their unique needs.

2. Find High-Quality Leads

Another significant benefit of AI is that it allows you to find high-quality leads for your B2B company. Moreover, such leads can be found in bigger numbers helping you increase your sales. B2B marketing solutions powered by AI allow you to source high-quality leads thanks to the software’s ability to sort through all the leads you find and select only the ones that will work best specifically for your company.

As Timothy Langford from the custom writing reviews site Online Writers Rating says, “Many professionals resort to sorting through leads manually, but when you are using AI-powered software, this process becomes automated. This way, you can save both time and resources for more important aspects of your marketing. Obtaining, reviewing, and classifying data is a tedious process that can be simplified with the help of Artificial Intelligence; so why not utilize such tools?”

3. Better Online Customer Experience

User experience in the context of online shopping is somewhat of a painful topic for many business owners. Some believe that UX and UI aren’t important while others consider them essential. That being said, the meaning of website design for B2B customers is definitely a matter that shouldn’t be ignored. Luckily, Artificial Intelligence solutions are useful for this as well. AI can help you create more enjoyable shopping experiences which will correspond to your marketing and will help you to not only catch the attention of potential customers but also keep it and satisfy the expectations of your customers.

For instance, voice search optimization is just one example of this. Virtual assistants powered by AI such as Apple’s Siri or Amazon’s Alexa enable users to search for what they need using only their voice. This allows users find the products or services they need much faster and then make the necessary purchases with more ease. Moreover, AI can help you analyze what your audience wants and then create a website that will fit their wishes and needs. And once your UX and UI are good enough, the shopping experiences you create will be of a much higher quality.

4. Use Chatbots for Customer SupportChat bot made up of metal and gears

Speaking of virtual assistants that improve customer experience, there is another type of AI-powered software that can help you with B2B marketing—chatbots. While other things on this list are more closely related to marketing, chatbots are directly connected to customer support and service. However, when you are marketing your B2B business, you still need to talk about your customer support. And if your customer support is not up to the industry standards, you can expect to have many potential customers leaving almost instantly.

As Lindsey Graham from the writing service reviews site Best Writers Online puts it, “Most B2B customers value the kind of customer support and service you can provide because they expect to be treated seriously. Chatbots are a good place to start. If you develop your chatbot to the smallest details, you will be able to achieve outstanding results with it. Your clients will be satisfied with the support they are getting while potential customers will have their questions answered immediately and will be more persuaded to buy from you.”

5. Get the Most Accurate Analytics

Last but not least, one of the most obvious influences Artificial Intelligence has had on marketing is the accuracy of analytics that it lets you achieve. As mentioned earlier, such intricate analysis allows you to better understand your target audience and align your marketing actions with its wishes and needs.

You can analyze almost anything with AI-powered solutions. From ads to social media to your website—all of these need to be studied by such software to give you the clearest picture possible of what your potential or current customers are doing with your marketing content, the way they are interacting with it. This information can then be used to create more powerful and impactful marketing campaigns.

Final Thoughts

All in all, Artificial Intelligence is definitely not yet at the peak of its development which means AI will continue expanding and influencing B2B marketing in many ways. Consider the points listed in this article to better understand how AI is already changing marketing for B2B companies.

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