5 Ways Support Teams Can Show Customers They Care

Everyone in the business world has had an experience where it didn’t feel like they mattered to a vendor or business. It’s a difficult feeling knowing your voice isn’t being heard, or even worse ignored by someone you’re trusting to meet your business needs.

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Advantages & Benefits of a Web Based Help Desk

The web has provided businesses with many advantages when it comes to customer service; a major one being the ability to help people in many different ways. The web based help desk has been a key factor in providing immediate help to any number of customers. In this rapid day and age of instant gratification, easy and quick accessibility is a must. If you are not entirely sold on the web based servicedesk, here are some of the benefits you may be overlooking.


The real goal for you and everyone else in customer service is to eliminate the gap between a customer having a problem and them getting it fixed. You want this process as painless as possible, for them, you, and the company at large. When this happens, everybody wins.

With a web based help desk, simplicity is your company’s middle name. No longer are there dozens of hoops for your customers to leap through to fix their issues. Everything they will ever need is right at their fingertips.

For one, there’s no need for them to hop all over the company website or Facebook page to find what they need. All the phone numbers, email addresses, and other contact info is right there.

Secondly, a web based help desk lets you set up a FAQ for the questions you get all day every day. This cuts down on wait time for your customers and eliminates frustration on your end so you can help with more complicated issues.


Easily one of the biggest advantages of this type of customer support system is the ability to take accurate notes and information and share it all with everyone on the team. It’s such a simple thing but it raises the stakes on your performance significantly.

If you run across a complicated problem and are having a little trouble, you may want to bring in someone else with a little more experience or expertise. In older customer service systems you would track your colleague down, talk to them and try to explain the situation, and probably even transfer the customer to your colleague’s phone and hope for the best.

Such a manual process leaves a lot of room for errors. The web based service desk helps limit the opportunities where mistakes could be made by putting all the info and notes you could ask for right there so you can collaborate with your team members. Your colleague picks it up, gets the ticket to help the customer, and you move on to the next customer.


Customers are not just sitting at home or at the office all day. They’re having issues from all over the world while they’re out living life. If a product breaks down, they want a solution immediately, not when they finally go home.

With smartphone and tablet support, web based help desk solutions are the way for customers to get what they need when they need it. They can immediately research their issue on your FAQ or support portal no matter where they are. If that doesn’t help, they can submit a support ticket in no time flat. They go on with their lives and you relax knowing your customers will experience the best kind of customer service; hassle free!

Easy to use and configure, TeamSupport's online help desk is among the best in customer support software and used by companies of all sizes to manage their support desk.





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