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Part 2: What Happens After TeamSupport Onboarding? The Resources are Endless!

After TeamSupport onboarding, we arm you with tools and resources to make the best use of your time and get your customer’s issues resolved more quickly.

We introduced this blog series in Part 1 by walking you through what to expect after the onboarding process, starting with your dedicated Customer Success Manager (CSM). In Part 2, we explore all of the self-service options available within the TeamSupport platform.

Help Yourself

Many, if not most times, it’s more time efficient for you and your agents to solve simple issues yourselves, rather than submitting a ticket, sending an e-mail, or calling support. And it’s certainly more empowering! Let’s explore all of the tools and resources available to you to make the best use of your time and get your customer’s issues resolved more quickly.

Knowledge Base: The TeamSupport Knowledge Base is populated with different types of content on a wide range of topics, from “How do I…?” to solutions for unusual issues. Many are based on support tickets that we’ve received and helped customers resolve and you will find your answers there more times than not.

Community: Sometimes, you want to learn from your peers, someone who has experienced your exact issue and how to solve it. Or, you’ve learned a cool trick and you want to share it with others. All of that can happen within the Community section (a TeamSupport user group of sorts) where all types of product discussion are strongly encouraged. Even better, our own product specialists monitor this forum and join in the discussion.

TeamSupport University: Never stop learning! On the fourth Wednesday of each month, TeamSupport product specialists host a 30-minute live webinar demonstrating the various features of the platform. You and members of your support team are encouraged to attend as often as you like. Register for the next one and watch previous programs on demand here.

Customer Hub: I mentioned in Part 1 of this series that I love mysteries and solving puzzles. All of the self-help pieces come together for a complete picture in the TeamSupport Customer Hub.

And there’s more!

At TeamSupport, we’re all about keeping our friends in B2B (business-to-business) customer support educated and up to date on technology trends that are focused on our industry. We regularly produce relevant thought-leadership content in the form of this blog, editorial articles, white papers, e-books, and webinars. Find them on the TeamSupport website.

In summary, once you become a TeamSupport customer, it doesn’t stop there. We offer regular, personalized outreach through dedicated Customer Success Managers, a wide range of self-help tools, and a robust library of educational resources. All focused on helping you be the best at providing B2B customer support to your clients.

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Amanda Jones is a Customer Success Manager at TeamSupport. A bit of a plant lady who loves mysteries and puzzles, she uses her passion to solve problems to help her customers stay successful.

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