Customer Support Software | | Published May 21, 2024

TeamSupport Launches AI Assist, a Powerful Suite of Tools for Customer Support

The Future of TeamSupport AI is Here.

TeamSupport is thrilled to announce its latest suite of AI-powered tools, built to increase agent efficiency and help your team take customer support to the next level. 

TeamSupport’s AI Assist incorporates the latest conversational AI technology, acting as a seasoned copilot to help agents close tickets faster, bringing faster, more satisfying resolutions to customers with less tedious manual work for agents. 

Users can now ask TeamSupport to generate a response and expand on that response to provide more detailed information to customers. AI Assist draws from historical data and details from previous interactions. If a knowledge base is available, the AI also suggests relevant KB articles. With each release, AI Assist will ingest more information from new internal data sources to suggest more comprehensive and insightful solutions.

Agents can also use AI Assist to adjust the tone of the reply, making it more professional, friendly, direct, or whatever makes the most sense for the situation at hand. With improved grammar and tone enhancement, you can generate as many variations of the reply as you need until you find the perfect response. 

AI Assist can answer any freeform questions you pose about the ticket at hand. Need to catch up on a ticket but don’t have time to read through all of the actions? Simply ask anything you want to know about the ticket, and AI Assist will get you quickly up to speed.

With accurate, informed responses that strike the right tone, AI Assist can close tickets faster and bring customer conversations to satisfying resolution. By providing specific solution recommendations, AI Assist expedites this even further. It can recommend subject matter experts and key stakeholders to reach out to, fostering collaboration among teams. It also recommends relevant knowledge base articles, providing further information to solve complex tickets. 

Want to learn more about AI Assist and other new features coming to TeamSupport? Schedule a walkthrough with one of our product experts.