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TeamSupport Earns Top Help Desk Software Rating from G2 Crowd

The 5 Soft Skills That Are Essential to Great Customer Support Teams

What you Need to Know About Customer Support in the United Kingdom

Are You A Black Belt in Customer Support?

A Breakdown of Software Usage in the United States

5 Signs You Need a (Better) Knowledge Management Solution

How to Make B2B Customers Fall in Love with Your Business

5 Customer Support Trends to Watch in 2017

How to Fix Bad Customer Service Situations

5 Tips for Defining Support Ticket Severity

Software Company Customer Support – Tips and Tricks for Efficiency

What's Your Customer Support Power Animal?

6 Ways to Organize Support Tickets

Australia Customer Service – 5 Things to Consider

Applying Daily Life Moments to the B2B Customer Service World

4 Reasons B2B Customer Experience Matters More Than You Think

Customer Support ROI Calculator

Meeting customers at the starting line

Nailing a customer's first support experience

How well do you know your customers?

Crafting the perfect customer support portal video

Are Chat Bots Overrated in Customer Support?

Managing your support tickets

Break These 2 Bad Support Habits

4 reasons why your business needs an online portal

The Golden Rule For Interviewing And Hiring Support Teams

Providing a consistent customer support experience

Personalization for B2B customer support

5 Things You Better Understand About B2B Customer Support To Beat Your Competition

Customer support is part of a complete business strategy

Supporting your support team

July TeamSupport Product Update - New Features

The relationship between sales and customer support is a circle, not a line

Guest Blog: How Technology Builds Customer Loyalty

B2B Customer Service Technology – 5 Things to Know

Customer Support Software ROI - Facilitate B2B Growth

How proper support makes life easy for customers

Customer Service Reporting – Improve ROI with Analytics

Agent efficiency is key to excellent customer service

The ROI of Customer Support

The importance of maintaining strong relationships with B2B customers

Adding humanity to your self-service support options

Is your support team answering queries from all channels?

5 ways customer support software can prepare you for anything

How to handle an increase in customer support tickets

[Infographic] The ROI of Customer Support

5 things your competitors can teach you about customer support

How to make collaboration a part of your support team's culture

What KPIs matter most for B2B customer service?

5 signs you need a new way to manage B2B customer support

Driving customers to web self-service support

Individual experiences have a broad impact on B2B customer support

Why Top 10 Help Desk Lists aren't all they're cracked up to be

Help desk software should integrate with your business tools

Tiered customer support is dead

5 ways to reduce customer support costs

A multichannel world demands multichannel support

The Difference between B2C and B2B Customer Support

How knowledge management improves customer support

10 Customer Service Quick Tips

Help desk software should grow with you

Proactive customer support drives long-term success

Understand your customers better with support software

Help desk software should fit your business

Building Customer Retention through Empathy

[Infographic] B2B vs B2C Customer Support

Information security for SaaS companies

Empowering help desk agents with the right software

Bridging the Gap in B2B Service Expectations

How to reduce customer churn

Customer Experience is Critical for B2B Growth

The 3 Dimensions of Customer Experience

5 Tips for Customer Support During the Holidays

5 Reasons First Contact Resolution May Not Be Good

5 Metrics to Assess Customer Support Success

Challenges in SaaS Onboarding

Customer Onboarding is Essential in SaaS

Providing effective customer support to B2B customers varies from B2C

In SaaS every employee is involved in sales

Customer Support Software Video Guide

Managing customer service expectations

5 strategies for managing customer expectations

Customer Service is about the Customer

5 things to remember when scaling your customer support

Bulletproof Customer Service Tip #4 - Customer Feedback

Why human support is still required

Bulletproof Customer Service Tip #3 - Employee Appreciation

Collaboration enhances the customer service process

Bulletproof Customer Service Tip #2 - Personalization

Senior management's impact on customer service

Bulletproof Customer Service Tip #1 - Skills and Training

3 reasons a bad review is actually good

TeamSupport Top 10 in Software Advice Most Popular Customer Service

Why an emotional connection is key to strong customer support

The Benefits of Customer Loyalty

Top 3 customer support metrics you should be tracking

Stop treating your B2B buyers like a B2C

How to maximize efficiency with customer support software

5 reasons to use a B2B customer support software

Why self-service is still good customer service

3 ways B2B customer support software will save you money

5 tips for a smooth customer service software transition

7 signs you need a customer support system

What's Your Sign? 6 Customer Support Lines That Stink

Lessons Learned from (almost) Getting Hacked

Stop Wasting Time Looking for Information

How to Choose Helpdesk Software

Software providers! Give us best practice feedback”, say over 90% of SMBs

Why Customer Experience is even more important in B2B

SMBs are well-schooled when it comes to finding new business software

5 Tips to Improve the Customer Experience and Increase B2B Efficiency

SMBs Need Better Customer Visibility

Definition of Support Ticket Severity

What Channels to Offer for B2B Customer Support?

The 5 T's of exceptional customer support

Empathy in Customer Service Drives Growth

Facilities Management Software Improves Efficiency

Use Video for Better Customer Support

What is help desk software?

Top 10 Themes in B2B Customer Support

Top 3 Benefits to Cloud-Based Software

7 Ways To Make Customer Support Your Top Priority

Use Software to Keep Patients in Your Dental Chair

Self-Service Reduces Costs and Improves Performance

3 Interesting Facts About SMB Technology Use

What are SMB’s Looking for in CRM Software?

4 Surprising Software Facts

Why Hiring a Customer Experience Manager is BS

6 Clever Ways to Use Ticket Tags in Customer Support

5 Ways to Stop Stressing Out Your Customers

Customer Service: the past 25 years

The B2B Customer Service Evolution: From Money Pit to Profit Center

Help Desk Software Improves Performance

The Impact of Demographics on Live Chat Customer Service

More SaaS Benefits - Don't get left in the dark!

Installed Software vs. SaaS: Total Cost of Ownership

Customers prefer self-service and omnichannel support options

Customer Support Software Providers Should Have the Best Support

What Should Hotel Owners be Looking for in Booking Software?

Pro Tips for Phone Customer Support

Infographic: Elevating the Email Customer Service Experience

Leverage the Power of B2B Software Reviews - Part 3 of 3

Leverage the Power of B2B Software Reviews - Part 2 of 3

Leverage the Power of B2B Software Reviews - Part 1 of 3

Guest Post: 3 Ways to Take Customer Service Visual

Infographic: Visual Customer Service in the Social Age

Flip the Customer Service Script

Guest Post: Top 10 Phrases to Use with Angry Customers

5 Tips for Hiring the Best Customer Support Team

G2 Crowd Help Desk Users Rank Us Highest in Customer Satisfaction

Guest Post: Choosing the Right B2B Customer Support Software

Are you Making the Most of Your Customer Support Knowledgebase?

When it Comes to Customer Support, the More the Merrier!

Understand Where Your Customers are Coming From

How is B2B Customer Support Different from B2C?

How to Choose the Best Help Desk Ticketing System for Your Business

Is the Fastest Time Really That Important?

B2B Software Companies: Don’t Skimp on Internal Collaboration Post-Holidays

Shorten the path to You

How To Improve Your Customer Service Process

Why SaaS?

Customer Self-Service, How Important Is It?

It's Called Customer Support, not Ticket Support

Transforming Customer Complaints into Customer Loyalty

3 Ways to Deliver a Personalized Customer Service Experience

Measuring B2B Customer Support Performance

Customers Really Do Value Better Customer Support

Help Desk Software Can Integrate With Your Business Tools

When MSI Needed a Ticketing System Built Around the Customer, It Selected TeamSupport Customer Support Software

Can You Automate Your Social Media Customer Experience?

Shouldn't Your Customer Support Software Actually Focus on Your Customer?

How To Create The Customer Experience

Ticket deflection is not a bad word

Why (At Least Some Of) Your Knowledge Base Should Be Public

Infographic: State of Customer Service & Support (CSS) Software 2014

Customers Stay Because Of Excellent Customer Support

Is Your Customer Service Worth More Than Price?

How to Make Your Customer Support Software Work for You

TeamSupport Customer Service Software Introduces Customer Distress Index to Better Manage Customers

How To Create Loyal Customers And Save Time

The Benefits Of Collaborative Customer Support Software

How Help Desk Software Improves Customer Retention and Engagement

After Outgrowing its Help Desk Software, Heartland ECSI Selects TeamSupport Customer Support Software

TeamSupport, one of the industry’s top help desk software solutions, announces all-new inventory section

New Feature Added - Agent Ratings!

TeamSupport Has Raised $1.25 Million in Funding to Expand our B2B Focused Support Software Business

Users Rank TeamSupport Among the Support Industry’s Best Help Desk Software on G2 Crowd

Congratulations to ZenDesk on a successful help desk IPO!

What Do Our Customers Want?

TeamSupport, one of the top help desk software solutions on the market, is honored with CUSTOMER magazine’s 2014 CRM Excellence Award

TeamSupport.com Help Desk Software Launches Entirely New-and-Improved Customer-Centered Technology

When A.C.T Lighting Needed the Best Help Desk Software System, It Turned to TeamSupport Help Desk Software

TeamSupport, one of the industry’s best help desk software solutions, named a finalist in the 2014 Hot Companies and Best Products Awards by Network Products Guide

TeamSupport, One of the Industry’s Top Customer Support Software Solutions, Unveils New Best-in-Class Dashboard and Reporting Features

From the CEO: TeamSupport Help Desk Software Celebrates Customer Service Honor Along with Southwest Airlines

TeamSupport Help Desk Software Honored as 2014 Rising Star by CRM Magazine

TeamSupport Customer Support Software Named Gold Winner in 8th Annual Stevie Awards for Sales & Customer Service

Assured Software Logs 10,000th Ticket in TeamSupport, One of the Industry’s Best Help Desk Software Solutions

TeamSupport Customer Support Software Syncs with Hundreds of Popular Apps with Zapier

From the CEO: TeamSupport Customer Support Software Awards 2014 Future Technology Innovators Scholarship to University of Texas IT Student

From the CEO: How to provide the best customer service

TeamSupport.com Ranked Among the Best Helpdesk Software by G2 Crowd Software Review Site

From one helpdesk software to another: Congratulations to Parature!

VIDEO: Develop an operations plan to provide the best customer service experience possible

VIDEO: Do you know the qualities of a task-oriented leader? Evaluate if you have what it takes to develop one of the best customer service teams and the best help desk solutions

VIDEO: In building the best help desk support team, are you assessing the strengths and weaknesses of your leaders?

VIDEO: In building the best B2B customer support team, are you evaluating your help desk members’ leadership style?

How to keep customers happy during the holidays

VIDEO: Do you think you communicate effectively with your customers? Use these great communication strategies to help deliver the best customer service

TeamSupport Help Desk Software Named a 2013-14 Cloud Awards Finalist

VIDEO: Find the balance between push and pull can help your support team deliver the best customer service possible

Why does TeamSupport excel at B2B customer support?

VIDEO: Is the revenue generated from customer service maintenance plans important to your business?

You’ll “flip” over customer service with TeamSupport customer service software’s new Flipboard online magazine

Multi-Systems, Inc. (MSI) Selects TeamSupport.com Customer Support Software

VIDEO: Are you using technology to teach customer service to your staff? Fast and effective training is essential to constructing the best customer service team

What's the best B2B and B2C helpdesk software? First, understand the business differences before buying customer support software.

Ask the Expert: Is there a way to embed a screen shot or video clip into a help ticket using TeamSupport customer support software?

VIDEO: Want to be the best customer support team possible? Use this checklist to help evaluate your help desk team’s customer service skills

Holiday season is the “big game” for your business. Make sure you’re delivering the best customer support!

VIDEO: Are you following the 10 Commandments of Customer Service?

TeamSupport is one of the best B2B helpdesk software. But what, exactly, does B2B mean?

When a Fortune 500 software company sought the best helpdesk software solution, they turned to TeamSupport helpdesk system

Ask the Expert: How can I use TeamSupport’s customer support software to increase revenue for my company?

An Attitude of Gratitude Makes The Best Customer Service

Which help desk ticket software has the best search capabilities?

TeamSupport Earns Best in Biz 2013 Honors for its Top Customer Support Software

Customer Service Doesn’t Get Time Off for the Holidays

What’s the best help desk software that integrates with Oracle Sales Cloud?

How does a loss prevention technology company deliver excellent customer service? With TeamSupport, the award-winning helpdesk app!

What is the best help desk software that integrates with Salesforce?

Is Your Customer Service Keeping Customers Satisfied?

Make Sure Your Help Desk Offers Customers Treats, not Tricks!

Is Your Customer Support Leading or Catching Up?

Coach Your Customer Service Team to Be the Best

What makes the best help desk software?

Cloud Services Will Have Compound Annual Growth Rates

TeamSupport.com, one of the industry’s best service desk systems, now has applications on the Oracle Cloud Marketplace

TeamSupport, One of the Best Help Desk Solutions, Earns Two Bronze Honors in the 5th Annual Golden Bridge Awards

Is your help desk dealing with an angry customer?

TeamSupport, One of the Best Collaborative Support Software Suites in the Market, Shares Our 5 GreatTips to Celebrate Customers

Chrome Memory Usage

TeamSupport's Help Desk Solution Now Available in the Oracle Cloud Marketplace

From our Help Desk to yours - Happy Customer Service Week!

Celebrate Customer Service Success During National Customer Service Week

It’s Customer Service Week 2013 – Thanks for making TeamSupport.com one of the industry’s best help ticket systems!

Share Everything?

Amazon's Mayday Technology - A Revolution in the Helpdesk?

Checklist to Select the Best Help Desk Software for Your Support Team

3 Tips to Build a Better Help Desk

Learn How to Integrate Video Clips into a Help Desk Ticket

Four Steps to Building a Better Help Desk

See Why TeamSupport is the Best Customer Service Software

How the Help Desk Makes Happy Customers

Serving Up The Best Customer Service

From the CEO: TeamSupport Discusses Revamping Customer Support Services with Collaborative Capabilities in Business-Software.com Interview

Picture Perfect Customer Support

Striving for Customer Service Perfection

From the CEO: Customer Service Simplified

Every Help Desk is Unique

TeamSupport, One of the Best Help Desk and Customer Support Software Solutions, is Named a Finalist in Two Categories in the 5th Annual Golden Bridge Awards

TeamSupport Named a Finalist in Two Categories in the 5th Annual Golden Bridge Awards

Instructions for Delivering Excellent Customer Service

A Positive Customer Experience Establishes a Bond That Lasts

From the CEO: TeamSupport Talks About Customer Service in FoxBusiness “Small Business Spotlight”

Secrets to Customer Service Success

From the CEO: TeamSupport Talks About Customer Service in Small Business Spotlight

3 Simple Tips to Help You Build a Knowledge Base

Customer service works both ways

Offering Superior Customer Service in Vacation Season

TeamSupport HelpDesk Tip: Modify or move the columns ticket views

From the CEO: Summer Vacation is not an option for the Help Desk

Scenarios Where Real Time Tickets Could Come in Handy

Boost Sales with Spectacular Customer Service

TeamSupport.com, One of the Best Help Desk Software Solutions, Launches All-New Integration with Jira

How Customer Support Software Creates “Invisible Customer Service”

TeamSupport.com, One of the Best Help Desk and Customer Support Software Solutions, Introduces New “Ticket Collision” Feature

Recognizing Customer Service Super Stars

Stand out with exceptional customer support

Is your help desk struggling to provide a timely response to customer issues?

TeamSupport's Collaborative Help Desk and Customer Sevice Software Systems Adds New Features

Successful Help Desk Teams Know Customer Service is Not Perfection

5 Must Have Features of a Helpdesk Ticketing System

What’s the best help desk software with customer self-service tools?

Customer Service Tools for Small Businesses

Find the best help desk software tools to project trends and provide quality data for your customer service team

TeamSupport, One of the Best Help Desk and Customer Support Software Systems, Launches All-New Integration Capabilities with Zoho CRM

Does communication consistently break down within your help desk?

From the CEO: Time spent in customer support is time well spent

What is successful customer service?

Help Desk Champions Have Heart and Grace

How Customer Experience Management Can Change Your Business

Customer Service Quips and Quotes for the Help Desk

TeamSupport.com Named One of theTop 10 Support Web Sites of 2013 by the Association of Support Professionals

TeamSupport.com cloud-based customer service software provider is honored for its excellence in delivering online service and support to its users

Remedies for an Ailing Help Desk

The Best Help Desk Teams Will Tell You: There’s No Room for Paranoia in Customer Service

TeamSupport Awarded 2013 Technology Pioneer Award for best customer service software

TeamSupport Customer Service Software Honored with 2013 Technology Pioneer Award

Customer Service Quips and Quotes for the Help Desk

Why Collaborative Customer Service Works Best

4 Ways to Ensure You Always Get Paid And Your Customers Get Great Customer Service

How Do You Know When Customer Service is at Its Best? It Keeps You Coming Back!

TeamSupport Awarded Gold for Best Customer Support Software in Network Product Guide’s 2013 Hot Products Competition

TeamSupport's Help Desk Solution Snares Gold in Network Product Guide’s 2013 Hot Products Competition

TeamSupport Tips: Ticket Tagging

From the CEO: Introducing Team Supports all-new integration with Salesforce

TeamSupport Tips: Automatically Route Customer Support E-Mails by Keyword

Advantages of a Web Based Help Desk

From the CEO: Don’t let your collaborative customer service become TOO collaborative

TeamSupport Help Desk Solution Honored with 2013 CRM Excellence Award from Customer magazine

From the CEO: It's Official! TeamSupport is one of the best customer support software solutions of 2013, says CUSTOMER magazine

TeamSupport Tips: How to customize replies from your customer support team

Does Your Help Desk Know That Age Ain’t Nothing But a Number?

TeamSupport Tips and Tricks

When Customer Service on Social Media Goes Awry

TeamSupport Named a Finalist in the 2013 Hot Companies and Best Products Awards by Network Products Guide

TeamSupport Named a Finalist in the 2013 Temkin Group Customer Experience Vendor Excellence Awards

What is the best Customer Support Software?

What is the best helpdesk software?

What is the best customer service software?

What is the best online helpdesk?

TeamSupport Twitter Tip

When Providing Customer Service, Collaboration is Key

Add some spring cleaning to your customer service!

Customer Support Delivery and the Cloud

Change is a Customer Support Constant

Rose Knows: 5 Essential Elements for Developing a Resolution Management Strategy

Better Service Means Better Customers

TeamSupport Earns Two Bronze Awards in the 2013 Stevie Awards for Sales & Customer Service

From the CEO: Understanding the customer support revolution

Every Complaint is Deserving of Respect

From the CEO: Say farewell to tiered customer support—and hello to a more collaborative help desk

TeamSupport Named a CSM “Trend Setter”

TeamSupport Named a Finalist in the 2013 Stevie Awards for Sales & Customer Service

A Collaborative Take on Customer Service (and a Thank You!)

TeamSupport Newsletter - February 2013

Customer Support Trend: Call Centers in the Cloud

In Customer Support- Speed is as Important as Accuracy

TeamSupport Increases Functionality for Enterprise Customers

TeamSupport Releases Integration with DropBox!

Customer Service Smiles Can Help Post Holiday Stress

TeamSupport Newsletter - January 2013

Make 2013 the Year of the Customer

Customer Service Epic Fail

Why Customer Support Is So Stressful During the Holidays

TeamSupport Newsletter - November 2012

TeamSupport Launches New Water Cooler Feature, an Internal Social Media Tool to Foster Improved Collaboration

Each Customer Support Ticket is a Story

Improve Your Customer Service Skills…. With Twitter?

Support Your Team

TeamSupport Launches New Brand and Web Site

Write a Customer Support Script- Then Toss It

Get The Customer Service Story Straight!

Dealing with Missed Grievances

Keep it real

TeamSupport Newsletter

Create a Customer Service Community

A Simple "Thank You"

TeamSupport.com Boosts Business for Talon Data Systems

Are Strict Rules Stifling Your Team Members?

Customer Service and Some Friendly Competition

Customer Service Versus Customer Care

Go Big Or Go Home

Integrating With Social for a Whole Customer Service Experience

TeamSupport.com Earns 2012 Contact Center Technology Pioneer Award

Summertime Is No Time to Slouch on Customer Service

Customer Support Email Etiquette

Kindly Closing A Ticket

Cloud Based Applications That Can Help Your Business' Growth

The Positives of Using a Customer Support Checklist

Lowe's is building better customer service with iPhone

TeamSupport.com Receives 2012 CRM Excellence Award | Customer interaction solutions magazine recognizes TeamSupport's customer focus.

Spring Cleaning for Your Customer Support

TeamSupport.com Boosts Efficiency at Wren Solutions | Loss prevention specialist streamlines internal support and eliminates duplication with TeamSupport

5 Places to Meet Up with Fellow Customer Support Agents

TeamSupport.com Recognized as an "Innovator" by Info-Tech Research Group | Earns High Scores Among CSM Platforms in Vendor Landscape Report

The Life of a Complaint

Is Perfection Possible?

TeamSupport Newsletter – March 2012

Excel at Customer Service by Giving Customers What They NEED

What is the best Customer Support Software?

TeamSupport.com Adds Communities Feature to Customer Portal

The Changing Face(s) of Customer Support

TeamSupport.com Powers ClinicSource.com Growth | Web-Based Therapy Practice Management Fast Tracks with TeamSupport

TeamSupport Newsletter – February 2012

Calming Motivation for Customer Service

3 Ways Your Website Can Supplement Your Customer Service

TeamSupport.com Streamlines Pet Care at InTown Veterinary Group

TeamSupport Newsletter – January 2012

TeamSupport Adds Screen Recording Feature

Improve your customer support with a good approach and the right tools

Customer Support Yearly Calendar

TeamSupport.com Boosts Business Intelligence with ZOHO Reports

Understand Your B2B Customers Better