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Laura Ballam

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TeamSupport Earns Top Help Desk Software Rating from G2 Crowd

G2 Crowd just released their Top Help Desk Software lists and we're proud to be ranked #1 Help Desk Software among mid market users! We also received a top rating in the Small Business category with a 93% satisfaction score, and snagged the #6 spot for Enterprise Businesses.

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A Breakdown of Software Usage in the United States

As we become more connected, the number of industries utilizing software to become more efficient continues to increase. Software can automate tasks that we have completed manually for years, sometimes decades, and can save time and money for many different types of companies. So what should you know about software usage in the United States? Here are a few interesting findingsā€¦

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5 Tips for Defining Support Ticket Severity

The definition of ticket severity comes in many flavors depending on opinions. Some support solutions have so many severity types to choose from it's overwhelming. Or others are so vague no one really knows what they mean. Both of these are not only confusing to the customer, but also confusing to the support team. The job of a customer support provider is to make your customers' lives easier and to make support as efficient as possible. With that in mind, here are 5 tips to define your support ticket severity:

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6 Ways to Organize Support Tickets

The topic of how to organize your support tickets can lead to some debate among team members. Here are 6 ways we at TeamSupport recommend organizing your support tickets.


1. Severity

Severity is one of the most common ways to organize support tickets. While we'd like to think all tickets are the same, the truth is they just aren't. The bigger issues get addressed first, and the more minor stuff gets taken care of at a later date, 

Generally 3-5 levels of severity work well - too few and your customer will mark stuff as severe that isn't, too many and it is confusing. Finding a good balance can take time.

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Customer Support ROI Calculator

Hey busy support professionals! We're excited to share with you, our wonderful followers, a great new tool we developed to assess the Return On Investment (ROI) of customer support software - specifically B2B customer support software of course!

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