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Matthew Brown

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How Customer Experience Drives Revenue

The phrase “Customer Experience” (CX) is everywhere and it doesn’t seem to be going away anytime soon. But while it’s easy for an industry expert to say “you need to improve your CX”, actually implementing a customer experience methodology that drives revenue can be challenging. Let’s take a moment to understand how customer experience drives revenue, especially in the business-to-business (B2B) world, and specifically how improving the experience can help your bottom line.

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The 5 Soft Skills That Are Essential to Great Customer Support Teams

In many countries, customer support is straightforward – a customer has an inquiry, an agent helps them, and both parties go their separate ways. Usually nothing memorable happens. But how can you change this into a positive memory for your customer? Soft skills can be utilized to make a routine support experience something that stays with a customer for a long time and helps drive loyalty and satisfaction. Here are the 5 soft skills that are essential to great customer support teams and skills you should look for if you want your support operation to improve…

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What you Need to Know About Customer Support in the United Kingdom


The United Kingdom (UK) is a unique culture. Consisting of four countries – England, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland – there's a lot of history and tradition in the area. But what do you need to know about customer support in the UK, especially if you’re looking to expand or launch support operations in this region? Here’s a quick list of key things to consider as you evaluate your support options…

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Are You A Black Belt in Customer Support?


White Belt? Red Belt? Brown Belt? Like any topic, there are multiple levels of knowledge within the customer support industry. Our new quiz tests your knowledge to determine if you are a black belt and master of the customer support industry. Don't forget to share the belt you obtain with your friends and colleagues!

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5 Signs You Need a (Better) Knowledge Management Solution

We’ve all been there before, having so many different projects going on and being pulled in so many different directions. The last thing you want on a busy day is an email as the sun goes down with a bunch of questions that only you know the answer to. But what if there was a simple and effective way to share your knowledge so it was easily accessible to your team, vendors, partners, and maybe even your customers? There is, and this organized sharing of information is called “Knowledge Management”, or KM for short. Here are five signs you need a knowledge management solution so you can get away from answering basic questions and focus on the big picture…

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