Business Practices | | Published April 17, 2017

Better Customer Service Means Better Customers

loving_customer _serviceIt’s Monday morning and the last place you want to be after a stressful weekend at your in-law’s house is at work. You’d much rather be at home or perhaps at a spa. But as luck would have it, not five minutes into your day you get an upset customer going off about how their Handy-Made 5000 broke on first use and your company makes shoddy products and needs to replace it immediately. Could the day get any worse?

Stop for just a moment, and try to imagine the conversation from the other side of the fence. It’s Monday morning and you’ve waited forever to receive your Handy-Made 5000. Finally it comes in and you fire it up first thing in the morning when BLAM it falls apart. You were looking forward to this after a stressful weekend working overtime at your second job. Now you’re talking to a customer rep that could not care less about your problems. Could this week have started out any worse?

We’ve all been there at one time or another, on either side of this conversation. If, in this scenario, both parties had simply taken a second to realize they had an ally on the line, one that wanted to hear their frustrations and make the situation better, further stress could have been avoided.

As a representative of your company, it’s your job to dictate the pace and emotion of the conversation. Establish immediately that you are there to attend to the customer and that you are going to do just that. If you want better customers, you’ll have to raise the level of your service.

Best Interest

This isn’t to say that providing better customer service will magically convert an otherwise angry person into a saint. Great customer support is not the cure all. There will still be the occasional person calling up to seemingly just make the day worse.

Never the less, upping the level of service creates an environment where customers know they can trust the company to do the right thing. If you’re consistently awesome in everything you do to make the customer feel taken care of, they know when they contact the customer service department you have their best interest in mind.

This means they won’t be stressed out when they call or email. Have you ever called up a company you weren’t sure whether they cared about your problem or not? It’s a little nerve-wracking isn’t it? You’re constantly on edge thinking at some point they’re going to tell you they just can’t help you and hang up. So the conversation starts on the wrong foot, you are expecting poor service and prepared for a fight.

There’s no way an environment like that is good for business. However, if you call up a company and they immediately let you know they’re going to do everything in their power to make your life better, you’re immediately put at ease. All those worries are put to rest, you can relax. All those jitters disappear and all that’s left to do is solve the problem.

If every customer has a positive experience, your company will get a reputation for being a pleasant and responsive establishment to work with. Even if your products or services have hiccups from time to time, they’ll still buy from you rather than competitors simply because you’re easier to work with. A little compassion goes a long way in customer service!

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