Business Practices | | Published November 02, 2015

Employee Appreciation/Recognition - Customer Service Tip #3

So far, we’ve been focusing on your customers. Now let’s talk about the second most important group of people in your business - the customer representatives. You’ve trained them well, and they have skills and talents that make them the best in the business, but this is all null and void if they don't have an interest in the work. There are a number of reasons your employees may not be happy with their job, but every reason tends to have the same result: reduced levels of customer service.

So how do you guage employee satisfaction? Personally ask your employees to tell you any misgivings they have about the job, and be specific if you have to. Are they getting along with their coworkers? Do they feel they have good benefits? Do they have the best help desk software? Where do they see themselves going in the company as time goes on?

Ask for input - everyone likes to feel valued and your customer service reps are the front line to your customers. It's highly likely that they have great ideas on how to improve the product or service, your processes, and can even shed light on customer expectations and suggestions.

It also never hurts to give a little employee appreciation and recognition. If someone does something particularly great, let them know. In fact, make sure the whole company knows. You might even offer some kind of tangible reward, like a gift card or bonus. People who know their efforts may be rewarded are more likely to work hard. Not only that, they're going to love working for your company and that love will show when they interact with your customers.


Guest Bio: Emily has been writing about customer service issues for many years, and currently writes on behalf of the call center software specialists at Kova Corp.  In her spare time, she cheers for Spirit of Atlanta, Carolina Crown and Phantom Regiment, creates her own sodas, and crushes tower defense games. Follow her on Twitter at @Emily2Zen

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