Business Practices | | Published October 09, 2013

Celebrate Success During National Customer Service Week

The best Help Desk teams are made up of incredible individuals. They work day in and out to please customers and resolve customer issues.

Help desk team members are crucial to customer service success. National Customer Service Week is the perfect time to celebrate those individuals and their invaluable contributions.

As most companies are aware, in 1992 the U.S. Congress declared the first full week in October “National Customer Service Week”. It is now an event celebrated countrywide. The goal of this week is to recognize and show appreciation for customer service representatives for their dedication and hard work. It is a week many companies use to say thanks, encourage, express gratitude and show their appreciation for their customer service employees.

Customer service professionals play a vital role in an organization. They are often the face of a company and the impressions they make have a lasting and long reaching effect. It is no wonder there is a full week set aside to acknowledge these outstanding professionals and their work.

Many studies have been done showing a correlation between a company’s level of employee satisfaction and financial performance. National Customer Service Week is the perfect time to spend some extra time with your service teams. Perhaps evaluate the performance of your service operation, reinforce company values and review the tools your company is using to make sure your service team has what they need to do their job. Take a moment to ask them for their thoughts, concerns and suggestions and listen to what they have to say.

Take advantage of this week to boost the morale of your help desk and customer service staff. Show appreciation for your support staff and their hard work. We suggest that you don’t let that appreciation end when the week is over. Instead make it a regular practice and celebrate your customer service successes every day!

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