Hints and Tips | | Published December 10, 2015

SaaS Challenges with Onboarding

We discussed the importance of SaaS onboarding in our last post. Now we'd like to address some of the SaaS challenges faced.

Biggest Challenges: 

1. The handoff from sales

handshake1.jpgIt is critical for the customer success/onboarding team to understand the commitments made to the customer during the sales process. At TeamSupport we actually have our sales team introduce new customers to their onboarding specialist, and review any concerns or questions they have together so that there is no confusion or miscommunication.

2. Often the buyer is not the end user of the solution

The person who selected your software may not be an end user, and the actual users may not have been included in the decision process, or even aware a new software was being selected. Worse, they may not have wanted it at all. It's important to understand this, and make sure your onboarding plan includes the end users of your software.

3. Under utilization of features

Many software providers offer robust products with many levels of complexity. You must understand that end users may not be aware of everything your software offers, so take the opportunity to give at least a brief overview and provide additional information as needed. 

4. Taking responsibility

As customer onboarding in the SaaS world evolves, there is a lot of confusion over the definition, the process, and especially who should take responsibility for it. As with any customer experience initiative (and make no mistake, onboarding is a huge part of the customer experience) we strongly recommend you make customer onboarding a part of your culture across all departments. That means it is everyone's responsibility to ensure your new customers and prospects get off to a great start with your software. Of course it's always a good idea to have a dedicated "champion" for each customer as well.


To learn more about SaaS Onboarding, download the report from ASP - the Association of Support Professionals: