B2B Customer Support | | Published September 26, 2013

Software Evaluation: Choose the Right Help Desk Software

Our simple checklist helps you compare help desk software and find the very best and most collaborative customer support solution for your team!

Are you shopping around for customer service software to take your help desk to the next level?

When comparing customer service software, use this simple guide to help you find the best helpdesk software for your team.

Customer Service Software Evaluation Checklist

For each software you're evaluating, check each that applies.

__ Web-based (in the cloud)
__ Affordable
__ Software customizes to fit the unique needs of your help desk
__ Chat (customers can submit help requests by Chat and support agents can respond by Chat)
__ Facebook integration (customers can submit help requests by Facebook)
__ Organizes e-mail in one place
__ Customer self-service (software "suggests" resolutions when customers type in their question)
__ Video recordings can be inserted in a help ticket
__ Screen shots can be inserted in a help ticket
__ Audio recordings can be inserted into a help ticket
__ Intelligent tickets alert you when someone on your team is acting on a customer ticket
__ Systems to help avoid duplication of effort
__ Easy to use
__ Secure
__ Minimal to no downtime
__ Responsive, helpful support team (to help YOU be a responsive, helpful support team)

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