Maintaining B2B Customer Relationships | 4 min read | Published October 28, 2020

Helping Companies Build Stronger Customer Relationships

We have always been focused on teams helping business support their customers through collaboration, and understanding customer relationships no matter where they are.

This article is replicated from the November 6, 2020 special issue featuring TeamSupport as one of the Most Promising CRM Solution Providers 2020.

TeamSupportIt is an absolute no-brainer that COVID has impacted us all. Most businesses have adopted remote work, and in some cases, have sent thousands of employees home. While remote work is nothing new, there is no doubt many businesses have hung on to the office setting a little too long. Many of them have had to jump out in the cold, but thankfully we live in a time where technology is advanced enough to be easily accessible and leveraged quickly. Managing customer relationships, on the other hand, has been incredibly challenging. For many in B2B, those in-person meetings have been a vital method for building and maintaining rapport, and now they have to use video calls to accomplish the same. To this end, helping enterprises rekindle the spirit of customer relations is TeamSupport. Built for remote working, the company’s solution has enabled the concept of support teams in different time zones around the world, as well as global customers with unique needs, holidays, and SLAs. “We have always been focused on teams helping businesses support their customers through collaboration, and understanding customer relationships no matter where they are,” says Eric Harrington, co-founder and COO of TeamSupport.

Created by industry experts who lived through the struggles of being a mission-critical B2B company in a B2C (business-to-consumer) support world, TeamSupport has spent the past decade creating a customer support solution to help companies build stronger customer relationships. With an emphasis on collaboration among teams and built around the entire B2B customer—rather than focused on each contact or ticket—TeamSupport stands alone as the leading customer support platform created for businesses who need to help other businesses solve problems.

TeamSupport was built to knock down company silos that were hoarding important customer information. Traditionally, while support teams knew of the customer through ticket interactions, the sales team knew of the customer through their sales engagements, and product teams typically knew nothing about the customers—and focused only on what needed to be built, without considering how customers were using their technology. “Our solution brought these teams together by being one of the first support solutions to include not only ticketing, but a robust customer database, a product database, and near real-time reporting,” mentions Harrington. This ignites true collaboration around the customer and empowers businesses to provide world-class customer support, which in turn increases their competitive advantage. TeamSupport‘s powerful features, like its proprietary Customer Distress Index™ (CDI), inform actionable strategies for customers who may be in danger of churn. Further, it integrates with important solutions used by companies, such as Salesforce, Jira, Microsoft (Dynamics and Teams), Hubspot, and Slack, to name a few.

What differentiates TeamSupport is the diligence that it maintains when it comes to taking a holistic view of the customer. “We serve companies in all different industries—from SMBs to enterprise—when many of our competitors have maintained their focus on B2C ticketing,” mentions Harrington. Serving enterprise and SMBs, TeamSupport is the only B2B customer support software solution to offer a private cloud to enterprise accounts. Beyond that—and perhaps the key to its innovation and place in the market currently and in the near future—TeamSupport will soon introduce an innovation in the customer success market that will enable businesses to approach the idea of customer “success” as enabling revenue generation while maintaining its team philosophy.

In addition to its customer success solution, which will launch soon, TeamSupport will introduce a powerful, new reporting and analytics solution that will provide customers with a deep understanding of their customer experiences. “We will surface trends and behaviors through our comprehensive data modeling to analyze any metric or dimension and keep our customers alert through pulse notifications and automated reporting,” concludes Harrington.


Location: Dallas, TX

Management: Eric Harrington, COO and co-founder

Description: Built for remote working, the company’s solution supports the concept of support teams in different time zones around the world, as well as global customers with unique needs, holidays, and SLAs.


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