B2B Customer Support | | Published August 13, 2015

Why Customer Experience is Important in B2B

In today's business environment, we all know customer experience is important, and we've all heard about social media's impact as the new "word of mouth". Stats often point to each person telling at least 7 (sometimes as high as 20) other people about their experience with a brand. That's scary enough, but now consider that if your customers are other businesses, they inherently have multiple people working there and using your system. So not only can each individual user (or contact) spread the word via social media, they are going to talk to each other.


Whether that conversation is a negative or positive one is up to you.

It's human nature - if we have a good experience, we want to share it with our peers. If we love a company, we become an ambassador for their brand. And if we have a bad experience, we want to tell EVERYONE. Your business customers will talk about their experiences in the break room, around the water cooler, even in company meetings.


And if Joe says "man that ABC software is really getting on my nerves, there are so many delays/bugs/features I don't like" and then Mary says "wow I know, it slows me down so much" and Bob (who was only a little annoyed before) hears them and thinks "hey, it's not just me, that's right I noticed that too..." now Bob chimes into the conversation and so on and so forth. Not only does word spread but it amplifies the message, because hearing your own concerns echoed in another tends to magnify the perceived importance of the issue.

So remember that when you are thinking about customer experience, and working to resolve customer support issues, there's more at stake than just the individual user you're dealing with. Your actions on each and every interaction could easily be shared with hundreds of other employees at that same company, not to mention thousands of potential users on social media.

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