Business Practices | | Published November 22, 2013

Customer Service Doesn’t Get Time Off for the Holidays

The customer service experts at, one of the best issue
management software apps, share tips for keeping service strong, even during the holidays

You’ve enjoyed the turkey and mashed potatoes and now the retail stores are all decked out to remind us the holiday season is here.

TeamSupport customer support software and SantaOver the next few weeks, your office will likely clear out as employees take much-deserved time off to celebrate the season with loved ones.

But just because the holidays have arrived doesn’t mean your customer service can take a vacation. (In fact, the best customer service apps like TeamSupport will help so your support won’t miss a beat.)

Here are a few tips to keep service strong—and customers happy—even while your core help desk team is out of the office.

  • Before holiday travel starts, update your knowledge base and customer-facing documentation. By taking the time to ensure these documents are up-to-date you’ll reduce the number of calls coming in because customers will be able to find solutions on their own.
  • Direct support requests to a common email, rather than individual technicians. A customer’s frustration is sure to build if they are waiting for a response from an out-of-the-office technician. Avoid angry customers by using a common mailbox and ticketing system that any available team member can access.
  • Assign open tickets to reps that will be in the office. While you may be operating with a skeleton crew, those still hanging around the office can continue to move customer issues forward.
  • Set up rules to prioritize tickets. Make your software work for you. Establish rules that the most critical customer service issues get immediate attention. By giving priority to these tickets you prevent major issues rolling into the New Year.
  • Remember, not everyone celebrates the same holidays. While you may look forward to Dec. 25 all year long, it may just be another day for your customers. When the office is closed, set an auto-responder for your support e-mail address (or voicemail for phone support) to alert customers you’ll respond to them immediately upon your return.

Then, as your team comes back refreshed, ready to tackle the New Year, it’s time to get serious about customer support.

Need help? As one of the industry’s best help desk software solutions, TeamSupport’s team of experts are here to help. Built specifically for customer-facing support, our collaborative support software allows you to resolve issues quickly and know your customers better while supporting the needs of your company.

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