Hints and Tips | | Published May 20, 2013

How Do You Know When Customer Service is at Its Best? It Keeps You Coming Back!

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Eric Harrington, COO Eric Harrington, COO

This past week, I took the family to Orlando and had a great time. We've been doing this trip for several years now, but I have to say this time, Universal has really stepped up their customer service game. When it comes to service, they're one of the best.

You could see it on the faces of the employees. They were in a positive mood and were not putting on fake smiles. I was so impressed, I asked my wife if she was noticing the same thing I was--and she agreed.

We saw a handful of managers walking around during the day, asking patrons how they were doing---but not in a "survey" type way. It was genuine.

We also saw a manager come up to a ride operator and tell him how much he was appreciated and asked how his day was going---but not in a fake "I've got to do this because I'm being watched" way. It was genuine. You could hear it in his voice and see it on his face.

Something has definitely changed for the better at Universal Orlando, and it's the customer service. The rides are the same for the most part, the weather is always the same---but from the folks serving the butter-beer in Harry Potter Land to the ones walking around sweeping up trash, they were all giving off a positive vibe and it just made the experience really great.

You'll read it a lot on this blog, but customer service is insanely key to the success of a business. Our family is glad the team running Universal Orlando understand that. It will definitely keep us coming back.

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