Business Practices | | Published July 02, 2013

Customer Service Tools for Small Businesses

learn-teamwork-300x225Options abound today if you are looking for a help desk solution to improve how your team provides customer service.

Odds are if you're reading this post, you are already on the search for a help desk system to help your customer service team be more effective and more efficient. It is so important that a company gets customer service right the first time, as there may not be a second chance!

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Do you sometimes get annoyed at the gulf between small businesses and big businesses? The big guys out there seem to have so much more when it comes to tools and resources. The little guys scrape and struggle to sign just a few clients and help customers while the conglomerates enjoy all the benefits of a big budget.

Don’t you wish you could even the field? Well, in this day and age, there’s no reason why you can’t avail yourself to some of the best big business tools out there. Here are three you should sign up for today to make your business as competitive as possible.


You want to accept payments of all kinds, and the more forms of payment you accept the more potential money you can make. However, accepting credit cards can be expensive and complicated and online payments are typically a huge pain. You need a solution that lets you collect money from customers and move on with your day.

That’s why you need to sign up for WePay! If you’re tired of fighting with PayPal or worried about the huge percentages that traditional credit card merchants always take, WePay is a perfect alternative. You can accept payments on your website or over the phone and – unlike the competition – WePay doesn’t require your customers to jump through hoops and sign up in order to make a payment.


Of course we have to recommend TeamSupport, the greatest way to connect to your customers and solve all their problems! If anything goes wrong with your store you don’t want your users to run away to your competitors; you want to take care of the problem ASAP so they can get back to their buying experience.

With TeamSupport's collaborative customer service solution, your customers will never be without a way to get in contact with you. Post a FAQ for super easy answers. Post your contact information all over the website so they know how to find you. Provide live website customer support so you can guide them through their troubles. Big businesses have services like this that can cost them thousands of dollars a year – with TeamSupport you can get the service for a fraction of the cost.


No matter the size of your business you likely deal with lots of people in your average day. If this number goes into the hundreds, you’re going to have a heck of a time keeping them all in order, even if you’re tracking them all with Excel or some other program.

Why not let someone else help you out? Highrise is a company that can help you keep all your contacts in order and help you remember when it’s time to talk to them. If you’ve ever forgotten a follow-up email or the phone number of an important client you know how crucial proper organization is. Never be confused again when you’re attempting to contact a client, customer, or vendor. And if the person who “owns” the contact is sick or leave the company, you still have their virtual rolodex right at your fingertips.

These are just a few of our favorite apps. What are some of your favorite small business tools and software?

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