B2B Customer Support | | Published January 27, 2017

5 Reasons Why Dental Software Buyers Are Switching to A REAL Practice Management Software Solution

We all remember getting a little post card in the mail from our dentist, letting us know that we are due for a cleaning or check-up. But, for better or worse, these days are mostly over. Now, dentists send text message reminders that enable instant appointment confirmation at the click of a button. This is just one example of how the dental industry is embracing technology, and to be honest it’s just the tip of the iceberg. Here are 5 reasons why more dental software buyers are switching to a REAL practice management software solution and are looking to leave their old methods in the past.

1) Software is more than just scheduling appointments – In recent research by Software Advice, the top reason dental software buyers are moving to a real practice management solution is because their current solution performs poorly. Be it dated features or a lack of integration capabilities, many dental software solutions haven’t kept up with the times and are now falling behind. Simply put, several different pieces of software are often required to meet modern technology demands. Working with all the different software can be frustrating and the need for a single software solution is forcing buyers to look elsewhere to meet their needs.

2) More thorough patient records – The days of file folders with hand developed x-rays are long gone. Both patients and dentists don’t want these dated ways anymore. Digital imaging is here to stay and implementing a practice management software solution that can not only store customer information but also photo and video files about a customer means all records can truly be in one place. Another unique feature is that customers can now be tracked at the company level, so if a company updates or changes their insurance information then all employees on file can have details about their plan changed with ease.

3) Vendor relationships are vital to business success – There’s no denying the importance of having the right products on hand when they’re needed in the dental industry. Software can also manage vendor relationships to make sure deliveries are on time and accurate. In addition, reminders can also be set to let you know how long it’s been since an order has been received. These reminders can help make sure you’ll always have the products you need to keep your office successful.

4) Helping multiple offices work together – The consolidation of companies in the business world continues and the dental industry is certainly not exempt from this trend. With many buyers now making decisions for multiple offices, it’s important to understand what sofware is required for these offices to communicate efficiently. Choosing a SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) solution has become crucial in making sure different offices stay connected because it enables employees to change offices and still have the latest information at their fingertips.

5) Tracking inventory is more important than ever – Working in an industry with strong regulations, it’s vital to make sure you know what you have and what items are located at a particular office. Software that keeps track of inventory is a no-brainer (especially for multiple offices) because you can simply notify the appropriate people within the software if an item is running low earlier than expected. In addition, you can also check with other offices directly in the software and schedule a product transfer as needed. This also works well with products that have expiration dates, making sure items are not wasted and can be moved to multiple offices for use before they expire.

Wrapping up, dental software buyers are switching to a real practice management software solution because it saves them time and money. If desired, information about patients and vendors can be stored in the same place as well as inventory and corporate insurance information. This type of software is almost essential for multiple offices as it also improves communication and reduces waste. The dental industry continues to become more technology savvy and it’s no surprise a high-end practice management software solution is a key component in tying these new technologies together.

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