Elevate Customer Support With Integrated Ticketing And Chat

As a customer support leader, you know how important it is for your customers to be serviced in a timely manner. So, your company invests in the training needed to ensure your agents know the product and can help the customer use it. You train them on understanding customer needs and how to demonstrate empathy so customers leave the interaction feeling seen and heard. Yet, a major challenge is the technology customer support agents use, which slows down productivity.

Siloed systems is one of the most prominent obstacles customer service teams face today. On any typical day you’ll find your agents jumping between systems or platforms during any one conversation. 
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The agent starts by answering a customer’s inquiry via chat. Then they’ll move to the CMS to look up the customer’s purchase history. Once that’s done, they’ll run over to the ticketing software to review the ticket information. Finally they hop back on the chat to offer a response that hopefully satisfies the customer’s concern. Surely there has to be a better, more effective way to manage customer interactions. 

Put the Customer Experience First with Chatbots
Why does your customer service tech stack matter? Consider this… customers make up 74% of business revenue and poor customer experiences have led 89% of consumers to switch over to competing companies. What does that mean for the bottom line? U.S. companies lose roughly $75 billion a year due to poor customer service.

The average agent handles 17 cases per day. Most agents are using email to service their clients – which can be a real productivity buster, particularly when most of these conversations are to answer the most basic customer service questions:

  • What are your hours of operation?
  • What is the price of this item?
  • How do I get a new password?

In fact, customer support agents agree: 64% of agents report that they can focus on more important aspects of their work while letting chatbots answer introductory questions on their behalf. Adding chatbots to your customer support tech stack can save your company 2.5 billion hours by deferring simple requests to self-help articles. 
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It’s the quality of your customer experience that is the foundation of your business. Remember that your customers are busy people and they have more to accomplish in their day than to sit and wait on hold. 86% of your customers expect to have seamless conversations with agents. If their expectations are not met, 56% of customers are willing to immediately end the relationship. Your company needs live chat software that meets your customers’ highest expectations if you want to remain competitive. 

But simply adding chat software isn’t enough to remedy these workflow hurdles. 


The Integrated Customer Support Solution
What your company truly needs is a customer support platform that combines live chat and ticketing in the same window. This leaves all the data needed to help customers right at the agent’s fingertips. No more running back and forth between systems and losing precious minutes on clunky administrative processes. 

Your company needs a smooth, automated system that allows customer support agents to gather all they need to answer questions in one space. More simply, make the lives of your customer support agents easier by using a platform that allows them to respond to tickets and engage in chats in the same application window.

Automating your customer support has several benefits for your company:

  • Improves efficiency while reducing cost
  • Raises customer satisfaction
  • Minimizes human error
  • Empowers the customer to solve their own inquiry
  • Allows agents to increase service quality

Customer support agents have stated how they benefit from automated systems because it saves them time. They’re able to place their focus on more complex customer support matters while chatbots direct simple customer inquiries to self-service. 

An added benefit of integrating the two customer support functions is that it allows for more ticket deflection and the use of customer self-service systems. When you combine chat and ticketing platforms, the knowledge base connects with chatbots to give suggested solutions to agents and/or customers. This leads to higher customer satisfaction because customers get immediate responses and quick resolutions. 

It’s possible that your company may prefer to NOT respond with a bot. Our chat system is able to provide your agents with suggested answers from the ticketing system knowledge base. This ensures that customer support agents answer quickly and correctly.

Overall, integrating chat with ticketing software improves the efficiency of your support system. 

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Get Ready to Give TeamSupport a Try!
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