Customer Support ROI | | Published May 23, 2024

Enhancing Customer Support in Software with Live Chat Integration

In the digital age, where instant gratification is the norm, immediate responses to customer inquiries can make or break a brand's reputation. This rings especially true for software companies. Jackrabbit Technologies, an online class management software provider catering to children's activity centers, learned this firsthand. Before their partnership with TeamSupport began in 2011, Jackrabbit relied solely on emails to handle customer support. As the company grew and customer inquiries skyrocketed, the company needed a new approach. Enter TeamSupport. 

The Email Bottleneck

Initially, Jackrabbit Technologies managed all their customer queries through masses of emails. Despite having TeamSupport’s ticketing management software, the overwhelming volume of emails flooded in from 12 specialized groups ranging from billing to research departments created bottlenecks. Emails were falling short in delivering swift and efficient support, prompting Jackrabbit to explore alternatives to enhance customer satisfaction and experience.

Enter Live Chat

In their quest for a better solution, Jackrabbit Technologies turned to TeamSupport with their newfound frustrations. That’s when TeamSupport demoed their new chat platform, Messaging & Live Chat, and left the Jackrabbit team awestruck. Implementing live chat software had almost instantaneous results. The customization of JavaScript variables for agents to gather the necessary information empowers them to quickly respond to inquiries and be up to speed on important customer data.

The Power of Live Chat for Software

Jackrabbit Technologies deals with many activity centers that offer various classes across several locations. Customers often have multiple email addresses, and a single email address might not provide the support team with all the information they require. To overcome this challenge, their team intelligently utilizes JavaScript variables in the back-end of the application. These variables pull crucial data such as user IDs, country codes, and e-payment processors, making identification swift and accurate.


Moreover, the ability to send screencasts, images, and help articles within the chat significantly contributes to faster resolutions. This visual assistance is invaluable in educating their customers, providing unmatched clarity and effectively expediting the resolution process.

Customers appreciate the reduced response and resolution times, leading to high customer satisfaction ratings. Feedback is solicited through in-app surveys after each chat session, generating heavy engagement. Jackrabbit’s current CSAT score remains at a stellar 97%.

Personalized Touch and High Satisfaction

A high CSAT score can be credited to Jackrabbit Technologies' quick response times, the use of visual aids within chats, and the personalized conversations their agents facilitate. The support team uses canned responses for common queries to enhance efficiency while leaving room for customization, allowing agents' personalities to shine through.


Agent Satisfaction Equals Customer Happiness


Jackrabbit Technologies' phenomenal CSAT scores areamong the highest TeamSupport has ever recorded, and they attribute their success to their innovative use of Messaging & Live Chat. They’ve proven that merging customer support with live chat software can drastically improve response times, agent effectiveness, and overall customer satisfaction.


Their persistent 97% CSAT score is a testament to their commitment to creating a superior customer experience. Jackrabbit Technologies stands out as a shining example of how focusing on customer satisfaction can cultivate happy and loyal customers.


In a world where a timely response can significantly influence customer loyalty, Jackrabbit Technologies demonstrates that investing in the right tools can immensely bolster customer support efforts. Whether you're a burgeoning startup or an established enterprise, the message is clear: prioritize customer satisfaction, implement cutting-edge solutions, and watch your customer relationships thrive.


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