Hints and Tips | | Published August 28, 2013

Every Help Desk is Unique

The best help desk systems are built with the idea that no two help desks operate exactly the same.

The best help desk software should allow the customer to modify the system to best address the needs of their customer support team.


That is why our helpdesk ticketing system gives the customer so many choices. We believe that the customer knows best what their customer support needs are.

How to Modify Ticket Types within TeamSupport

With our helpdesk software, you have the ability to define what types of tickets you need to manage within your operation. We pre-configure a few types to help you get started, but they can be changed to whatever you prefer.

To setup your Ticket Types, navigate to the Admin section and select the Custom Properties tab:

From the System Property Type pull down, select Ticket Types:

Here you can Edit, Delete and re-order how your tickets appear.

To Add a new ticket type, click the "+ Add" link. Give the ticket type a name and choose an icon. We have included a few defaults but feel free to personalize and upload your own unique icons(16x16 is the standard size).

Then simply click the OK button and you are done customizing or adding a ticket type!

Let our help desk ticketing system empower your team and help your customer support to soar. Take it for free test drive today.