Hints and Tips | | Published July 23, 2015

The 5 T's to Provide Exceptional Customer Experiences

Customer support is incredibly important to business success and customer retention - so we thought we'd put together a little cheat sheet on the 5 T's of exceptional customer support: 

1. The right Team teamcircle

Providing exceptional support starts with having the right people in place to address customer issues. Remember that your customer support team has the greatest amount of interaction with your customers, so make sure you hire a team that puts your best foot forward. 

2. The right Training 

Once you've got the right team in place, you need to train them on your product/service, customer support system, and policies. We also believe in collaborative support, so that your reps can learn from each other and work together to resolve customer issues faster. Remember that a happy team will create happy customers!

3. The right Tools/Technology 

Now that you've got the right team and they're properly trained, you need to make sure you provide them with the right tools and technology to do their job efficiently.Your customer support system should include detailed metrics, scalability, and integrations with your other business systems.

4. The right Time & place 

With the right team, tools, and training in place, it's time to make sure you're offering support where, when, and how your customers need it. This includes offering self-service options and omnichannel support. This also ties into #3, because the right tool will provide a unified experience that brings all these things into one central system.

customer-first-cartoon-googleads5. The right Tone

Last, but certainly not least, to ensure you are providing an ongoing support experience that is customer-centric, you want to make sure your organization sets the right tone. Call it company culture, atmosphere, empowerment, or whatever you choose - but you set the tone that both your customers and your employees experience, and you want to make sure it's a positive one!

Whether you're building a new support organization, or revamping an old one, hopefully these 5 T's will help you create the exceptional customer service experience your customers deserve!


And of course don't forget the 6th "T" = TeamSupport!