The Value of the Post-Sale Customer Experience in the B2B Industry

You’ve given them countless product demos. Made executive trips to their headquarters. Answered their questions on Saturday mornings. Invited their European team out to dinner.

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Why Facility Management Leaders Need B2B Customer Support Software

The facility management industry is unique. You’ve got customers with all different types of buildings and a wide array of needs and demands. This means there’s isn’t a “blueprint” for how to deal with customer issues as they arise.

Fortunately, B2B customer support software exists to help! Here are a few reasons why facility management leaders need support software to optimize their operations…

Software makes it easier to keep track of issues at multiple facilities – With a customer support software solution, the days of tracking and forwarding emails are over. Instead, all communication about a specific facility can be tagged within the software so you can see everything that is happening at that building in an instant. This technology is also great for organizing communication with third-party trade professionals that work on the facility to ensure everything is in one place.

You know exactly the specific business products that are at each facility – When leveraging a customer support software solution that includes product and inventory tracking, it’s easy to keep this information directly aligned with customer communication. Instead of switching systems to find product specs or dig through old emails, you can quickly obtain information about a circuit breaker or HVAC unit directly within your support software. In addition, your support team can easily reference your product information to prevent trips to buildings just to obtain a model or serial number.

You’ll have a searchable log of information about your facilities – Remember that time years ago you had the south wing of a customer building rewired because it didn’t pass inspection? Probably not. That’s why it’s essential to have B2B support software that tracks in detail the issues and work that has happened in a facility over the years. You can transfer in old information right from the start, and then over time as you use the software everything will be stored automatically. In addition, all information is easily searchable within the software, so entering a query for a customer’s name and “rewiring” will bring up relevant results right away. It’s a great way to retain vital information that’s too often lost in the email accounts of past employees.

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Automate communication so specific inquiries go to the right person – In the past, facility management companies needed to have a “gatekeeper” that routed issues to the right people. With customer support software, most of these responsibilities can be dealt with via an automated ticketing system. For example, issue requests containing a specific customer name will be automatically sent directly to the people who work on that account. Or issues containing “plumbing” in the title will be sent in real-time to the team that handles those issues. This saves time for everyone involved and helps your team resolve customer issues faster.


In short, facility management leaders need B2B customer support software because it increases efficiency and enables quick reference to successful solutions that have worked in the past. This type of software is a great match for the industry and more companies will continue to utilize this technology in the coming years.



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