Business Practices | | Published September 17, 2013

4 Steps on How to Build a Successful Service Desk

Successful customer service teams deliver exceptional customer support because they are always learning, changing and adapting.

Even if your customer support team is doing an awesome job, it is always good to reassess your help desk practices and performance every so often. It is possible that by catching and addressing issues early on you can avoid customer service pitfalls that might arise later. Follow these four steps and help desk best practices on how to build a successful service desk:

1. Be Proactive

The nature of customer service is that the customer support team is always waiting for customers to contact them with issues. Proactive strategies such as anticipating customer needs or questions is an even better method to employ. Your team knows the questions they get on a regular basis that are simple fixes, so provide a FAQ for your customers and update it regularly. And if there is a new issue that pops up that you know will affect a large customer base, communicate it and post resolutions as soon as they are found.

2. Take Ownership

It is probably not any team member’s personal fault that the product or service failed the customer, but team members should be trained to acknowledge that the customer has been inconvenienced and to take ownership of the issue. Train the help desk team so they know that they are the owner of an issue until it gets resolved. Even if they have to pass the ticket on get an answer or resolution, make sure they follow up and ensure the customer has been satisfied.

3. Be Accessible

Customer service is always changing and evolving. Make sure your team is accessible, by as many means possible. Whether a customer wants to send an email, a tweet or a ticket, find a way to make that happen. There is so much technology today that can make your team more easily reachable. Help desk ticketing systems offer many of these features and simplify the customer support process.

4. Document and Collaborate

Help desk applications can also help your team keep detailed notes and document ticket activity. The best helpdesk systems allow for your team to easily organize and search this data. Collaboration is key in providing great customer service so that when similar instances arise in the future your team is not scrambling. Your team can share and access that knowledge to resolve customer issues even faster and more efficiently.

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