Better Customer Service | | Published August 29, 2013

From the CEO: Customer Service Simplified

Customer support and the customer experience are a couple of the most important keys to a company’s success.

As one of the best help desk and customer support software suites on the market, TeamSupport knows it is important to always deliver a positive customer experience.

Robert Johnson 2-colorThe customer service that you provide today can make the difference to transition a random one time customer into a customer for life.

I try to instill in my staff the idea that customers should be appreciated. They are after all essential to the success of a business and literally the reason for a business to even exist. Superior customer care is a basic rule of thumb here at TeamSupport, which is why we have the best online help desk.

A recent experience renting a car reminded me of this. There are of course numerous companies to choose from when looking to rent a vehicle. But there is one in particular that I will now first shop from when I can.

I share and compare my two very different experiences renting a car in my latest blog post: A Tale of Two Rental Car Companies on Wired. There are so many ways of showing customer appreciation, most seemingly effortless. So it is all the more frustrating when a company fails to deliver satisfactory customer service. In my instance, a simple thank you made all the difference.

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