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From the CEO: TeamSupport Help Desk Software Celebrates Customer Service Honor Along with Southwest Airlines

TeamSupport, one of the industry’s best customer support software solutions, and Southwest Airlines are both noticed by Temkin Group for customer service

TeamSupport ticket system CEO Robert C. Johnson helpdesk help desk softwareLiving in Dallas and fairly near Love Field, I’ve always been impressed with Southwest Airlines. Just like TeamSupport, they do one thing (and one thing only) very, very well.

Our business at TeamSupport is creating help desk software to let our customers provide exceptional support to their clients. It’s certainly different than flying planes full of people around the country, but the idea of exceptional service transcends industries.

Of course, for Southwest that one thing is getting people from point A to point B safely, efficiently, and at a fair price. I’ve always liked the way Herb Kelleher, the founder of Southwest Airlines, did business. He’s a no-nonsense guy who understands the power of great employees making customers fanatically supportive of their brand.

One of my favorite quotes of his is: “If the employees come first, then they’re happy…A motivated employee treats the customer well. The customer is happy so they keep coming back, this pleases the shareholders. It’s not one of the enduring green mysteries of all time, it is just the way it works.”

Pretty straightforward really—happy employees = happy customers = more customers. Doesn’t get much more basic than that!

Recently Southwest was honored by the Temkin Group for (not surprisingly) excellent customer service. What made me really sit up and notice of this is that the Temkin Group had also honored TeamSupport as a finalist for their Customer Experience Vendor Excellence Award.

I’ve got to say, it’s great to have TeamSupport and Southwest Airlines both be honored by the same company for the same thing: Customer Service!

Your partner in service,

Robert C. Johnson, TeamSupport CEO

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