Hints and Tips | | Published February 03, 2015

Guest Post: Choosing the Right B2B Customer Support Software

Choosing the right customer support or customer relationship management software isn't simple. Since customer service enables companies to gain a competitive edge through allowing them to efficiently handle customer relationships during and after the actual sale, the customer support software industry is quickly growing. It is also generating an increase in a variety of vendors looking to make the most of this flourishing market. To help you avoid purchasing mistakes, below offers some steps companies should stick to when choosing customer support software:

1. Know your needs in advance

Figure out your primary requirements and make certain you completely understand the way the software fits within your internal business workflow. Do not focus on the cost or the cosmetics of the software, but rather on its capability to support your business's distinctive requirements.

2. Avoid overcomplicating things

You need to come up with a list of practical requirements and be sure to keep it realistic. Do you need a contact management program or a ticketing program? Would you like to manage client information, monitor support requests and track the information by drawing up reports of those activities? Be clear on what you actually need from a system, and then find a suitable match - there is no need to pay out for added features that have no value for you.

3. Scalability

Not all customer support software providers are the same. Even though many companies are made for small businesses, they often won't scale or perform well at higher usage. To avoid the hassle and inconvenience of having to switch vendors after a couple of years, select a solution which has the actual capabilities and resources to develop as your company grows.

4. Customization

Customer support tools are made with a large number of company processes in mind. Each person's processes are unique. This isn't a bad thing. In fact, this is exactly what distinguishes you from your competition. It is necessary that your customer support software is versatile enough to accommodate your processes. Similarly, you need a solution which will grow together with your company and will be in a position to conform to your changing processes without needing to be replaced.

5. Mobility

Mobility is vital in the world today. Your agents will often be mobile and can make use of a variety of devices, from cell phones to laptops to tablets, to access your brand-new support system. Choose a tool which can be utilized using a number of web-enabled devices. Keep in mind that the majority of support agents tend to be early adopters of this type of technology, which means you will need a system that will be updated frequently and stay present on new technology.

6. Product Demo

Make certain you get to access a product demo and, just as importantly, you use it. Really give the demo a decent try. This is your opportunity to truly test the system and find out its strengths and weak points for your business’s requirements. A lot of times, people will ask for a product demonstration only to briefly give it a glimpse before assuming it is going to work. Allowing yourself a little extra time here can save you time in the long run.



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