Hints and Tips | | Published June 21, 2013

Help Desk Champions Have Heart and Grace

help desk champion

The best help desk teams know it is not the actual act of winning that makes a champion; it's the spirit, attitude and devotion that makes one a champion.

Help desk heroes exhibit these same qualities daily, whether or not the day is marked as a "win" or if they close that ticket on the first try. They power through the customer complaints, the phone calls and the tickets and in the end they persevere.

As a Texas based company, we were rooting for the Spurs. No doubt about it, they fought hard. They put their all into this season, as they do in pretty much every season. Because no matter the outcome or the adversity, they come to do their job. They show up and they perform to the best of their ability, not just in the finals, but in EVERY game. We applaud the Spurs for a great season and a job well done.

The customer support champions our help desk software serves do that same thing. They show up daily with smiles on their faces, ready to take on the issues thrown at them. Regardless of how hard they were beat down the day before, they are there to do their jobs. We applaud their dedication and spirit. They too are champions.

What more could one ask for? A great team is made up of dedicated individuals, striving for the same goal and willing to give their all to reach it. If your help desk team shows that kind of heart daily, they are winners no matter the score.

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