From the CEO | | Published October 23, 2014

Business Tools to Enhance Your Integrated Help Desk Software

Communication TeamSupport best customer support systemYour collaborative customer support software can do more than free up service agents’ time and provide a top-notch customer experience. Did you know that your software is able to integrate with your other office tools? By using it with your CRM, your integrated help desk software can become the central hub for everything that makes your business tick.

Email – Every business is a little bit email dependent; and that’s okay! It only becomes a problem when someone on the team becomes an “email hoarder” and forgets to share messages with the customer on a central database. By integrating your support software with your email client, each message will be connected to the respective customer’s account.

Email Marketing – If your support software is integrated, your email list is automatically updated when a customer registers online. Your ticketing software should integrate with email marketing companies like Constant Contact or MailChimp so you don’t have to manually add contacts.

Social Media – Social media interactions on channels like Facebook can be integrated with your software. When someone engages with your company via social media customer service, it can be recorded in their account in your support software.

Teamwork – Collaborative software gives help desk agents the knowledge of high-level employees to solve complex problems. This helps to educate agents during the process of helping customers. When it comes time to promote the best support agents, they will already have the detailed software knowledge necessary for their new role.

There are many more apps that will enhance what your support software is already doing for you. If you’re a salesforce user you can explore apps at the AppExchange, or take a look at your customer support software to determine what integrations they offer. When you’re out there searching, look for features like:

  • Native integration
  • Bidirectional information flow
  • Media response support
  • Mapping to custom fields

You can learn more about what your collaborative customer support software can do by reading our whitepaper “Leverage Your Team’s Collective Knowledge for Better Customer Support”.