Features - Help Desk Software Solutions | | Published October 20, 2017

Help Desk Software Integrations: Why It's Important

Companies are always looking for ways to improve how they work together and with others. Whether it’s internally or with customers, having the right information at your fingertips is necessary to keep up in the fast-paced business world. But how does this era of connectivity, where information is shared seamlessly between individuals and groups, impact a help desk team and the tools they use? Here are some of the key help desk integrations utilized by software solution providers so employees can get the information they need.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) – Sometimes as a software help desk you need to understand what employees in other departments have said to customers. Did a salesperson over promise on something which is why they are reaching out? Integrating with a CRM system creates a bi-directional information link between your help desk software and your sales/marketing database. This enables employees using either solution to always have a full view of customer interactions.

  • Example: Salesforce or Hubspot – Arguably the most popular software in business, it’s no surprise CRM is a common integration. Syncing tickets and cases is standard, and your help desk will always have the most up to date contact info. Look for a help desk system that won't overwrite contact or personal information so your sales team can rest easy. 

Issue/Bug tracking – For technology companies, issue tracking software is mandatory for success. With technical issues and bugs all to common in today's fast-paced environment, it’s a great solution to keep track of outstanding issues and to prioritize bug fixes.

  • Example: Jira – A leading issue tracking solution, Jira is also utilized for bug-related problems. Once properly configured, help desk software and Jira can work in unison so both systems are able to update the status of existing issues. This collaboration is enhanced even further as specific products are also supported by both software solutions.

Project management – Keeping track of projects so they stay on-time and on-budget is critical to the bottom line of a company and its customers. Project management software helps this effort by ensuring all business areas are aligned and tasks make sense. It also can be utilized to map out a project and determine staffing needs.

  • Example: Microsoft Visual Studio TFS (Team Foundation Server) – When working on development projects and managing code, a solution like TFS can be a lifesaver for several teams. Multiple help desk tickets can be linked to a single “work item” within TFS so developers can immediately see and determine the severity of their projects.

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Internal communication – As generations of new employees that grew up on instant messaging and smartphones enter the workforce, the way people communicate in the office is changing. Making sure employees see critical information immediately is important and you need to reach them on the channels they use the most.

  • Example: Slack – From a small start-up to a communication mainstay in only a few years, Slack is a great way to get messages out with help desk software. With a Slack integration and simple ticket automation rules, channels can immediately be notified of things like urgent tickets or reviews. Employees can then collaborate on Slack to resolve the issue, give kudos, or determine who should follow up if needed.


In short, many businesses are using help desk software integrations to start conversations and collaborate more efficiently. Integrations with CRM solutions and internal communication tools are great at getting everyone at a company on the same page. Syncing your help desk solution with issue tracking and project management systems takes this collaboration a step further by uniting support with development. Help desk software integrations are becoming the backbone of many technology businesses, so make sure your help desk software integrates with the required systems to facilitate growth and new opportunities.