Better Customer Service | | Published November 16, 2012

TeamSupport Launches New Water Cooler Feature, an Internal Social Media Tool to Foster Improved Collaboration

More often than not, customer service issues result from a failure to communicate.

To help support teams communicate more effectively and serve customers better,, the award-winning provider of collaborative customer support software, today announced the launch of its newest feature, The Water Cooler is the latest addition to this sophisticated yet easy-to-use customer service software suite.


The Water Cooler, an internal social media tool, was specifically designed to help teams collaborate in real time on everything from customer support tickets, customers, products and other work-related matters.

TeamSupport, launched in 2009, was developed by individuals who worked in high-tech and software companies as CEO, software developers and Help Desk professionals.

"In the course of doing our jobs over many years, we watched in frustration as communication consistently broke down within teams and across departments," said Robert C. Johnson, Founder and CEO of TeamSupport. "Using our skills as software and customer support professionals, and drawing upon industry best practices honed in numerous workplaces, we built a product that addresses the core issues facing support teams."

Today, TeamSupport is widely considered one of the best in the field. "The new Water Cooler feature is designed to bring teams even closer together, ensuring that everyone is in the loop on key projects and conversations.

Adds Johnson: "And, we hope it will even encourage a little camaraderie and fun in the process!"

Learn more about how collaboration enhances customer service in this video: