Business Practices | | Published June 20, 2013

How to Approach Customer Experience Management


Providing the best customer service possible should always be at the forefront of any business.

Customer service sometimes translates into customer support, other times it is meeting customer’s expectations. Be assured, the help desk is not the only place where customer service makes an impact.

When you go to a restaurant, you want a certain experience to go along with the food. An “ambiance” if you will; although that term invites thoughts of well-dressed waiters decanting expensive wines. But even if you’re just hopping into your local barbeque joint for some pulled pork, you want the place to “feel” like it goes with the delicious food you’re about to enjoy. Perhaps some country music in the background while you sit at seemingly homemade tables sipping on sweet tea would be appropriate. Proper experience management can make the entire meal that more memorable.

You may not realize it, but your customers crave the same thing when it comes to shopping online. When they click on your page, they want to be transported to another place, not feel like they’re just on an extension of Google after a search. You can help to create something special by practicing good customer experience management. Here's how to approach customer experience management to change your business:

Know Your Customers

What exactly do your customers want out of your website? How do you know what kind of experience they would enjoy as they click around looking to buy your wares?

Imagine things from the shopper’s view. After they click on your website they are only going to give you a limited amount of time before they leave. After all, the Internet is big and there is plenty to do. If your store or site doesn’t live up to their standards, they will move on and you’ll be sunk.

Dig a little into your customer base to see what they may want. The more you know about them the better, as you can give them the “whole shebang.” If you knew your customers were the hip and trendy types you could pick this year’s Pantone color schemes and letterpress-style imagery to match their lifestyles.

Great Customer Service

Of course a huge part of customer experience management is simply delivering great customer service. Circling back to the restaurant comparison – if you went to an otherwise great restaurant but the service was terrible, would you go back? Likely no and rightly so. The same thing happens with your website and online store.

Offer as many avenues to your customer service as possible. This includes accurate contact info like phone numbers, email addresses, and social media pages. You ideally also want a live chat option so a customer can quickly find someone to help them with an issue.

And don’t forget a helpful FAQ, or frequently asked questions page. This is a list of all the most common questions and requests you get put on one page. Why is this helpful for customer experience? If they have a question and can immediately pull the answer up on your FAQ, they don’t have to waste time talking to anyone on email or Facebook. They get the answer they need and can immediately get back to buying stuff from you.

What else do you think contributes to positive customer experience management? What do you want customers to “feel” when they browse your page?

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