How AI is Changing the Customer Service Industry

It’s no surprise that AI (Artificial Intelligence) is really starting to make an impact in the customer service industry. How companies interact with customers is being strongly influenced by this emerging technology. Sure, the “chat bot” comes to mind immediately, but even that has taken a backseat to larger uses of AI which still involve (and improve upon) the human element.

Customers often seek out service because they have a problem and they want a person to empathize with them and make it right. Even with extremely sophisticated AI, a chat bot won’t be able to relate to a human experience, especially if it’s fueled by an emotional attachment.

So, how is AI changing the customer service industry to enable agents to make these human-to-human moments more impactful? Here are a few ways…

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How Help Desk Software Improves Customer Retention and Engagement

Screen Shot 2014-08-21 at 11.47.38 AMIs there a company you feel especially loyal to? Maybe it’s a mom and pop car repair shop, a local utility company, or the coffee shop that knows just what you want when you walk through the door. No matter the company, you feel loyal to them because of the experience you have when you work with them. It’s important that larger companies have this kind of personal connection with their customers; after all, it’s the key to customer engagement and retention.

Your customers are your sales force.

When a customer is loyal and engaged, they can become your biggest advocate. If they’re happy enough, they’ll spread a company’s name like wildfire to their friends, family, and colleagues. Hot leads like that are usually done deals. What seals it is their customer experience when they call.

What makes a positive customer experience?

New customers are great, but any business expert will tell you that it’s far more cost-effective to focus on customer retention. A stellar customer experience is what’s going to get the job done for you. In order for a larger company to do that, you must have your entire team communicating effectively by:

• Collaborating on information
• Providing real time updates
• Knowing an accurate history of the account
• A quick and easy way to find the person who can answer a question

A friendly customer service experience who can get a question or issue handled confidently and quickly is what’s going to make a customer feel loyal.

Engagement is also important.

Customers that feel listened to on the customer support end are eager to give you feedback that can improve and grow your company.

A real solution for customer support.

Team Support provides the helpdesk software solution to ensure your entire team is collaborating and communicating effectively. Our collaborative customer support software will turn your customers into advertisers when they talk about their great experience with their friends, family, and colleagues. Our software will also build the trust necessary between you and your customers essential to getting them engaged, which will result in valuable feedback and social sharing.

You can try our collaboration solution for free by taking it for a test drive. Or, give us a call to ask us questions. At this point, you’re pretty much guaranteed to have an excellent customer service experience.

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