Hints and Tips | | Published January 02, 2015

3 Help Desk Ticketing System Requirements You Should Look For

If one of your New Year’s Resolutions is finally getting a handle on your customer service, then you may be looking at help desk ticketing systems. Systemizing and automating your help desk goes a long way to creating happy customers, which in turn creates MORE customers. However, finding the best help desk ticketing system for your company can be a bit of a pain. There are several out there, all of which promise a lot of things. Before you sign up, make sure your help desk solution fulfills these 3 help desk ticketing software requirements:

Automated Ticketing

If your ticketing system doesn’t let your customers quickly and efficiently submit a ticket, it’s not doing its job. While that may seem obvious, so many systems don’t do this correctly that’s almost become the norm for customers to expect lackluster service.

For example, does your ticketing system have an easy form to complete? The more information the customer gives about their issue, the more quickly you can resolve it. If you have to call the customer back or email them after they submit a ticket, this requires more effort on their part. They want to submit their ticket and be done with it. Also, the more steps they have to take the more irritated they could become with your company. Be sure your help desk ticketing system walks that line between gathering the right amount of info while keeping it quick and painless for your customers.

Ticket Deflection

Not every ticket submitted needs to be touched by a customer service agent. Some issues can be knocked out with a straightforward explanation. Common questions can be answered with a simple auto-response.

So another sign of the best help desk ticketing software is ticket deflection. This means that when a customer starts writing out their problem, your ticketing solution will pop up with helpful Q&As, FAQs, articles, and other ideas to help the customer resolve the issue. They may not realize their solution is right around the corner, but with ticket deflection they’ll find their answer before they even click “submit.”

This is a win/win – it helps your customer right away and frees up your support team to tackle the meaner, nastier issues.


What keeps you up at night? If you’re like most customer service pros it’s the idea you’ve completely neglected one or more customers out there awaiting an answer to their problem. Unfortunately most ticket systems don’t take this into account and let tickets slip through the cracks, forever lost…along with the customers attached to them.

What to do? Team Support offers Ticket Automation, which lets you set reminders for every single ticket that comes in. So if a customer service question is taking a considerably long time to finish, you won’t just let it disappear because you forgot about it. The ticket pops up with a reminder that you need to perform such and such a task. You’ll never have an angry email from an abandoned customer again!

What other features are you looking for in a help desk ticketing system?