B2B Customer Support | | Published September 24, 2015

Maximize Customer Service Efficiency with Support Software

One of the main reasons to switch to a new software solution is to improve customer service efficiency. Without the right tools, your customer service team may not be anywhere near as efficient as it could be. A software platform that provides the right tools will help them reach the levels of productivity they need to achieve. 

Good software puts everything in one location
A software solution that increases efficiency collects all tickets in one place, and also stores all of the information that the customer service team needs to know about that customer. This consolidation of information makes it much easier for customer support team members to serve customers quickly and effectively. Team members can add notes and important customer information for future reference, allowing for easy access by all customer service personnel.

"Collaboration is a strategy that will make the service you provide to your customers even better."

Employee collaboration 
Your customer service team should be able to collaborate on issues to best serve the client's needs. Collaboration is a strategy that will make the service you provide to your customers even better. The more people who weigh in on the issue, the better (and faster) answer the customer is going to get. When your team works together new and interesting solutions to problems are likely to arise. Without collaboration from team members, the customer is limited to the knowledge of one team member, but when the team works together they can pool their knowledge and find the best answer. While the team can deliberate too long over the issue, quickly discussing it amongst several different people can provide the best solution. 

Effective ticket workflow management and automation
Customer support software allows you to create rules for handling specific tickets. This way, part of the process is done for your team members before they even see it. They'll no longer have to spend time classifying and organizing tickets as they come in. The ticket will automatically go where it needs to go, and the customer service rep just has to respond appropriately. 

Customer self-service
Sometimes, the customer will be able to help themselves. Offering customer portals with FAQs, knowledge base articles, and community forums where product users can seek help from others reduces the high volume of small tickets you receive so your team has more time to focus on some of the trickier requests. Not only can these pages offer answers to frequently asked questions, they can also suggest other tickets in hopes that those requests will help answer the original inquiry. If all else fails, the customer can initiate a live chat and quickly get the answer from one of your team members. 

Support channel integration
Integration is an important part of the ever changing customer support industry, as it should be. Your customer service applications should be integrated into one easy-to-use tool. This is not the case for many helpdesk teams. According to SupportIndustry.com's Service and Support metrics Survey, only about a quarter of support channels are integrated. Integration is important for a Customer service software solution, and allows you to provide the best service to the customer and make it as easy as possible for your team to help. 

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