B2B Customer Support | | Published September 15, 2016

How well do you know your customers?

As an organization in the business-to-business (B2B) sector, you need to fully understand your customers' operations and long-term goals so you can offer them the best products and support. This makes you more than a supplier - you become a partner in your customers' lives and it helps your business by increasing customer loyalty.

Are your customers engaged?
According to Gallup, only 29% of B2B customers are fully engaged with the businesses they work with. Meanwhile, 60% are indifferent and 11% are actively disengaged. To solve this issue, Gallup recommended companies work to develop an open, transparent relationship with their customers. This means developing a relationship beyond the sales and procurement teams. To do so, your business and customer support agents need as much knowledge and insight into your customers as possible.

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Knowing your customers helps you develop stronger business relationships.

Getting to you know your customers with support software
The right customer support software solution maintains important information about your customers, storing it all in one database so agents can better understand each customer. They can quickly access a customer's ticket history, see which products they've purchased, and view prior correspondence.

"Agents can see how parent companies relate to their various divisions or subsidiaries."

Agents can also group related customers into parent/child relationships using Customer Families. They can see how parent companies relate to their various divisions or subsidiaries, observing how the products and services they use serve their individual needs and the goals of the primary organization. By accessing the parent company, agents also see all the tickets related to the child businesses.

Additionally, agents can add customer notes and alerts to inform each other of any information they think is crucial or relevant. For example, reps can alert one another within the software to exceptionally important clients or emphasize their unique service agreement.

The right customer support software doesn't just rely on the information your agents give it. A robust B2B software can provide customer insights by pulling public data from resources like Facebook and LinkedIn, giving agents access to their customer's company history and contact profiles. Profile photos in particular put a human face to the customer, helping agents better identify with them.

Establishing a relationship with your customers is a goal to which people in every department can contribute. With the knowledge provided by comprehensive support software, agents can better interact with and assist customers.