B2B Customer Support | 4 min read | Published December 07, 2020

Part 1: Increase Revenue Using Automated Customer Support Alerts

When 70% of revenue comes from existing customers, you must pay close attention to indicators that lead to valuable upsell opportunities.

Here at TeamSupport we talk a lot about tools you can use to gauge customer sentiment and measure the overall health of the relationship you have with each of your customers. Why is this important? Because of the high-value nature of B2B (business-to-business) customers, missing the signs that one may be unhappy or at risk of leaving can prove costly.

On the other hand, when 70% or more of revenue comes from existing customers1, you must pay close attention to indicators that a customer might be increasing seats or adding user groups to ensure you don’t miss a valuable upsell opportunity.

But how can a salesperson or account manager be proactive in addressing either of these scenarios when they don’t live in your ticketing system all day and don’t analyze support reports on a regular basis? If your support software features custom automation triggers, they won’t need to. The system will just let them know with automated alerts.

This blog series explores four types of sales opportunities that can be identified by customer support using automation triggers from support tickets.

Within TeamSupport, Ticket Automation Triggers allow you to set up multiple search parameters, identify certain keywords, and automatically alert your sales team or account manager group of a customer’s potential for growth or risk of churn. First, let’s look at potential for growth.

1.  Increasing User Count

To identify upsell opportunities set triggers for words or phrases like,

“How much is it to add a user?”

“We’re growing” or “We’re hiring”

“How do I create another user group?”

The system will alert the appropriate sales rep so they can take immediate action. This proactive approach will impress your customer with how your company is paying attention to their needs and reacting quickly to solve them.

2. Upselling Other Products or Add-Ons

If you sell an add-on product that can help the customer perform a certain function, look for keywords in tickets that could indicate a customer is in need of that function. They may not know your add-on can help with that. For example,

“I’m looking for a report that can identify trends.”

“I need to analyze some additional data that I can’t find on my reporting dashboard.”

Your ticket trigger can alert your sales team that this customer might be interested in building a custom report or purchasing your new reporting and analytics product.

If you sell professional services, look for keywords like, “Can I customize your software?”, or by simply tracking “Feature Request” tickets and assigning them directly to the Professional Services group within your TeamSupport B2B customer support software.

In Part 2 of this series, we’ll explore how to use Ticket Automation Triggers to get ahead of situations where customers may be angry and help prevent churn.


1Using Services to Retain & Grow Recurring Revenue, Service Excellence Research Group, LLC, ©Nov 2020, www.servicexrg.com.



About the Author: Jamey Derryberry

Jamey is a high-performing sales professional at TeamSupport, and more importantly, has been a mentor and team leader for new account executives, designing lead-management processes and sales procedures to ensure their success. Outside of his contributions to TeamSupport, he loves hunting, playing golf, and traveling with his family.

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