Hints and Tips | | Published March 19, 2015

Infographic: Elevating the Email Customer Service Experience

Providing an exceptional customer experience doesn't just mean answering questions or closing tickets - to be truly customer-centric you need to look at every customer interaction and constantly look for ways to improve.  

This includes interactions on the phone, through social media, and even email interactions.  Not surprisingly, most people expect to be able to interact with you via email, and they have pretty high expectations about the level of service they want to receive.  

This infographic developed by Digital Third Coast Internet Marketing and West Interactive helps convey the importance of email in customer service, and what customers expect.





It's not hard to see that email is a huge part of your customer service experience, the first step is to make sure none of your customer emails are falling through the cracks.  After that, speed of response, and accuracy are key - using a strong customer service system will help you manage customer service emails and monitor response times.  

And remember that email messages should be easy to understand, well-written and brand-aligned to give your customer the best support experience possible!


Matthew Zajechowski is an outreach manager for Digital Third Coast.  Connect with him on Google+ and Twitter.