Infographic: State of Customer Service & Support (CSS) Software 2014

Customer service and support (CSS) are essential functions in any business to business enterprise, and especially so for software and technology companies. Yet a recent Software Advice study of first-time CSS software buyers shows that a shocking 52 percent are still using manual methods like spreadsheets and emails to manage customer support functions.

We've put together an easy to read infographic that highlights the struggles first-time buyers are having, and the features they are looking for in a new customer support software solution. Especially noteworthy is that over half of the buyers in their sample were specifically looking for a standalone CSS solution, and not an integrated suite that combined CSS features with CRM or other applications.

For more research and help in finding the perfect solution for your customer service team, visit Software Advice online to read reviews and get expert advice.

state of customer service and support


For the full report view the slideshare or click on the link below.