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Part 3: Helping Companies Build Stronger Customer Relationships

Customer success as an indication of revenue is a completely different approach and one that is tangible, can be more directly measured, and contributes to the bottom line.

In November of this year, CIO Review will feature TeamSupport as a Top 20 CRM Solution. The editors sat down with TeamSupport co-founder and COO, Eric Harrington, to talk about customer support in the time of COVID and building strong customer relationships in Part 1 of this series, and current trends and the future of B2B customer support in Part 2.

We conclude this series with Part 3, where Eric offers insight into the competitive market and what makes TeamSupport different.

CIO Review: There are a number of companies out there that are vying for the top position in the B2B customer support software industry. What are the strategies employed by TeamSupport​ to thwart the market competition and what according to you are the distinct features of TeamSupport​ that give it a competitive edge?

TeamSupport maintains our diligence when it comes to taking a holistic view of the customer, with every one of our product, support, and success team members understanding the product and having the same dedication to serving our customers.

We serve companies in all different industries, from SMBs to enterprise—when many of our competitors have maintained their focus on B2C “ticketing.” TeamSupport is the only B2B customer support software solution to offer a Private Cloud to enterprise accounts. Our solution does not require costly consulting and difficult setup, nor is it full of hidden fees or add-ons. We’re bringing awareness to businesses that B2B customer support is not generic support, and it’s different than B2C support. Once they understand this and adopt B2B-focused solutions like TeamSupport, they will be positioned to provide world-class customer support, which has an incredible impact on not only their reputation, but to the bottom line through customer retention and reduced churn. TeamSupport is a mission-critical aspect to businesses, particularly through the recent COVID pandemic. Our solution is the vital communication line between them and their customers.

Beyond that—and perhaps the key to our innovation and place in the market currently and in the near future—is that we will soon introduce an innovation in the customer success market that will enable businesses to approach the idea of customer “success” as enabling revenue generation while maintaining our team philosophy. By having visibility into the lifecycle of a customer, businesses can proactively nurture revenue opportunities and help deliver the desired outcomes of their customers. Customer success as an indication of revenue is a completely different approach and one that is tangible, can be more directly measured, and contributes to the bottom line. This will be a game-changer for businesses as we align customer support with customer success.

CIO Review: What does the future hold for your organization? Any footprint expansion plans or platform enhancement strategies that you can shed light upon?

There are really exciting things happening at TeamSupport this year. In addition to our customer success solution that will launch in the near future, we will introduce a powerful new reporting and analytics solution that will provide our customers with a deep understanding of their customer experiences. We will surface trends and behaviors through our comprehensive data modeling to analyze any metric or dimension and keep our customers alert through pulse notifications and automated reporting. We’re inviting TeamSupport customers to have early access to new products and give us feedback on functionality and user experience. We’re proud that we continue to innovate in the B2B customer support software industry.




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Co-founding TeamSupport in 2008, Eric helped build what is now a global mission-critical business solution for managing customer support. TeamSupport increases enterprise value by strengthening customer relationships that result in reduced churn, consistent renewals, account expansion, and advocacy. Learn more about Eric.

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